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Car Leather Renovation

A technique and products for the renovation of car leather that are easy to apply

In order to preserve the leather look of your car seats, good care is essential. For the renovation of car leather, we offer a wide range of quality products perfectly adapted to all types of leather. To repair the leather seats of your car, it is therefore essential to use the right products. With our leather repair products, you will be able to restore the shine of your seats and regain their comfort for the most pleasant driving experience.



How do I repair cracks in a car seat?

The presence of cracks in the leather means above all a significant lack of maintenance. Every time the leather is moved, it consumes some of the oil that was originally incorporated by the tanner or mahogany maker. When the oil runs out, the leather gradually deteriorates until the surface cracks, and then until it tears if nothing is done. For this reason, it is essential to maintain the driver's seat by regularly feeding it in the areas that are subject to the most stress (seat, backrest and outer padding).

If you also wish to recolour the leather of your car, it is necessary to rehydrate the leather either 15 days before starting your renovation or 30 days afterwards. If your leather is really very dry, we advise you to moisturise it well beforehand.

The repair of cracks or more generally of any lack of leather on the surface, is carried out using our Leather RepaCir. This product is a kind of liquid leather (or putty), which makes it possible to fill in the gaps, while remaining relatively supple once dry. Available in white or very dark grey, this product must imperatively be covered either with our leather paint or with a finishing varnish.

How do I repair a hole or tear in a car seat?

Repairing a hole or tear in leather can also be done with our liquid leather: RepaCuir. In order to effectively renovate the leather of your vehicle, you can use several of our products. To repair a small hole smaller than 5 mm, only the repair paste will be sufficient. However, for a larger hole or a tear, it will be necessary to order our Leather Tear Repair Kit, and to make a lamination using the piece of leather supplied in the kit.

If the tears are at the seams, please note that it is not possible to repair the leather immediately. In order to be able to repair the leather in this area, the seams must be stitched beforehand.

How to dye the leather of a car steering wheel or seat?

In order to restore the original appearance of the leather of the seats and steering wheel of your car, it is also possible to dye it. This particularly simple operation requires you to choose the right colour beforehand and to determine how much paint is required for recolouring.

If you know the exact name of the colour of your leather, this will enable you to choose the right product directly from our knowledge base (manufacturer's colour chart). If not, please note that it is possible to order our 300-colour colour chart. Ideally, in order to obtain a colour as close as possible to the leather of your car, we advise you to send us a sample (more info here).

Once you have identified the right colour for the renovation, you must then apply the product. The application of our leather stain is simply done with a small foam roller, sponge or brush. The leather must of course be lightly sanded beforehand and then degreased with acetone.

If you are demanding, we strongly advise against partially recolouring a seat or steering wheel as it is practically impossible to obtain a 100% identical colour. In fact, many factors (which can be cumulative) influence the colour to a greater or lesser extent: porosity of the leather, margin for manufacturing error, discolouration of your leather, covering power of pigments, etc...

Why apply a varnish following a colouring of the leather?

Few people know this, but all leathers are originally varnished. Thus, our varnish is not intended to fix our pigmentary recolourant (it adheres very well without anything), but to protect the grain of the leather and the dye from wear and tear. A leather that is regularly varnished on the areas most subjected to friction is a leather that will last much longer!

On the other hand, the varnish can also be used to give a shine. Our silky varnish is available in a satin, matt or gloss finish. Please note that as a rule, the satin finish is the most commonly used.

The importance of properly renovating the leather of your car

As soon as the first signs of wear and tear appear on the various leather-covered parts in your car, it is necessary to take matters into your own hands and use the appropriate maintenance products. So, whether it's the headrest, the seat or even the steering wheel, our car leather repair kits will allow you to easily repair the interior of your car. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, car leather repair allows you to enjoy a better driving comfort with a better seat and a good grip of your steering wheel.

For car renovation, not only the colour but also the type of leather should be taken into account. Depending on these characteristics, you will be able to find the product best suited to restore your car's original lustre. Simple to use, our products are of very good quality to guarantee the appearance of the leather over time.

By opting for our car leather renovation and repair products, you will also benefit from affordable prices. Indeed, we are committed to offering and making our range of products accessible to as many people as possible.

Protect and repair the leather of your car seats as well as possible

Over time and depending on the use of your car, the leather in your car will tend to get damaged. In order to repair or renovate car leather, it is therefore essential to use our products. In addition to repairing your seats, it is essential to carry out the right finishes in order to guarantee the solidity and comfort of the leather over time. Whether the leather of your seats is cracked or torn, you should know that we can offer you adequate solutions to redo your leather seats. A good renovation and protection will be real assets for the aesthetic and comfortable aspect of your vehicle.

Opt for leather renovation kits to have all the products required

Aware that it is not always easy to choose the right products, we offer FULL KITS for car seats or leather steering wheel renovation. These kits are all made up of the same products, but in different quantities depending on the number of seats to be renovated.

With the exception of accessories and acetone, our kits will allow you to repair your leather (snags, cracks, wear, small holes smaller than 5 mm), to dye your leather in the colour of your choice, to protect your re-colouring, and finally to rehydrate your leather. If you have a tear in your leather, you should also opt for our leather tear repair kit.

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