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Leatherette car seat cleaner

If you have opted for a car with imitation leather seats, be aware that this material can be particularly fragile. In order to keep its original shine as much as possible, it is important to take care of it and in particular to clean it regularly. To do this without damaging the imitation leather, Sofolk provides you with quality cleaning products adapted to all colours. To make the most of the quality and beauty of the interior of your car, do not hesitate to trust our products.


Cleaner for leather car seats but also letherette, alcantara, fabric, microfibres.
Maximum efficiency, without discolouration of the leather.
Very convenient for cleaning bi-material seats.
Product detail

Why clean your leather seats?

Depending on your use, your car and its interior will tend to get dirty more or less quickly. To remedy this, the use of cleaning products is therefore essential. However, in order not to damage this particularly fragile material, you must ensure that these cleaning products are suitable for leatherette. Sofolk therefore offers you a wide range of products to effectively clean the imitation leather of your car seats.
Even if you are very careful, it can happen that stains appear on your seats. Quick and effective cleaning is therefore essential to prevent these stains from leaving marks over time. By cleaning your leather seats regularly, you will avoid premature wear and tear on the appearance and strength of your seats.

How do you clean your car's imitation leather and leatherette?

In order to enable our customers to achieve the best possible result, we offer a leather cleaning product that is perfectly suited to degreasing and removing stains from leatherette surfaces. When used regularly, this product allows you to keep your car seats in their original state and thus keep the interior of your car clean at all times. Very simple to use, Sofolk's Stain Remover guarantees you an optimal result and perfectly clean surfaces without any stains.
Without discolouring, this product thoroughly cleans, stains and degreases the leatherette surfaces of your car seats. To use it, simply spray the foam product on your seats and leave it to work for one to two minutes. Once the product has acted, you can proceed to the cleaning stage, preferably using a microfibre cloth or a brush for the dirtiest surfaces. With the help of your cloth you can easily remove the various impurities present in your seats and restore the original shine to your car seats. For the most important stains, do not hesitate to repeat the operation several times to obtain the best possible result.
To make this cleaning operation as easy as possible, remember to use this product regularly. In order to keep your seats perfectly clean and to avoid premature wear and tear, we advise you to use our imitation leather cleaning product 2 to 3 times a year. If you would like advice on the correct use of our products, please do not hesitate to contact our teams directly or visit our open forum to find the answers to your questions.

Which imitation leather cleaner should I use?

Whether you simply want to remove stains or renovate the imitation leather of your car, it is essential to use the most suitable products. In its wide range, Sofolk has a cleaning product for leatherette car seats that does not discolour and thoroughly removes the most stubborn stains. Used by many professionals, Sofolk's Stain Remover is also available to private individuals who wish to give a second life to their imitation leather seats.

To achieve the best possible result, we have designed our water-based cleaner. The characteristics of our cleaner mean that it will leave no marks when you spray it on the imitation leather of your seats. With a spray format, this product is particularly easy to use and does not require any special skills. It allows you to clean without damaging the material, making our Stain Remover the ideal product to restore the shine of your imitation leather seats.

Why choose Sofolk products to clean your leatherette seats?

As a specialist in leather care, repair and cleaning, Sofolk provides its customers with quality products that are recognised by professionals and private individuals alike. For more than 30 years, we have been developing products to protect and clean leather in the best possible way, without damaging it. If your car seats are made of imitation leather, our products are perfectly adapted to this material to easily remove all stains and impurities.
In order to achieve the best possible cleaning result, we advise you to use this type of product several times a year, at least 2 or 3 times. This will prevent stains from soaking into the seats and will make cleaning as easy as possible. Particularly simple to use, our products allow you to recover the original appearance of your chairs in a few minutes. Much more than a simple cleaning product, Sofolk's Stain Remover also allows you to protect your seats as well as possible. Indeed, this product has been designed to restore the strength and flexibility of your seats.
So that your driving is as pleasant as possible and you can always enjoy perfectly clean and supple imitation leather seats, don't hesitate to opt for our leatherette cleaning products. If you would like more information on how to use these products, our teams are at your disposal to give you all the right advice on how to use them. Whatever the colour of your car seats, enjoy quality cleaning thanks to Sofolk!

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