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Why sand leather before re-coloring?

Sanding is a mechanical action that will remove the original varnish that could interfere with the leather pigment dye.

Why degrease the leather with acetone before dyeing?

Acetone is a very effective solvent. It will degrease well (sebum stains, household polution), but also remove some unwanted products that you or another person could have applied.
We have validated our renovation process with acetone, so it is imperative to use only acetone and not another product that you would consider useful in replacement.

Degrease all the parts to be recoloured using clean towels. The dirtiest areas will require 2 or 3 passes (armrests, head locations, steering wheel), while other areas will require only one pass.

If you have sebum stains, please use our sebum cleanser, which is less aggressive than acetone but very powerful. It will insist many times on the offending areas without damaging the leather.


I have white marks or discolored areas that appear on drying after degreasing, is this normal?

Yes, acetone is a product that fades! Do not worry it will disappear after the application of the dye

When should I sand the leather? Before or after acetone?

We recommend sanding the front leather. Acetone will remove the dust embedded in the leather, be careful to wait until the leather is dry.

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