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Recolour your car's seats, steering wheel and leather trim

Leather is a particularly fragile material that can be damaged more or less quickly depending on certain elements. Among the elements that affect the integrity and quality of leather are: temperature variations, regular rubbing, lack of maintenance... Depending on the quality of the leather and these different elements, the leather can therefore deteriorate more or less quickly. To avoid premature wear and tear of this material, it is advisable to use the appropriate products so that it retains its original appearance. This is why Sofolk offers you a wide range of car leather dyeing products to restore your vehicle to its original shine.



Only suitable for touching up small depigmented / discoloured areas
Lightly sand and degrease before application
21 colours available
Product detail


Gives a very satisfying appearance, very close to the original touch
Direct application without hanging prefixes or fixatives, using a sponge or brush for hard-to-reach areas
Can be applied on the leather seats of your car but also on the door trim.
Available colors: UNLIMITED
Product detail


Very high quality leather paint with fast drying
Very high scratch resistance. Remarkable adhesion power
Integrated varnish
Compatible with leather, leatherette and PVC
Product detail

Why dye car leather?

Leather is a particularly fragile material that must be used with care. Despite all precautions, leather will tend to get damaged over time and lose its lustre. To remedy this, it is advisable to use the most suitable products to restore all the beauty and suppleness of the leather. In order to effectively recolour your seats and the various leather parts of your vehicle, Sofolk now offers you various products to ensure that the leather in your car is always in good condition. To recover the original colour of the leather of your vehicle, do not hesitate to use a car leather dye.

How to dye your leather seats ?

In order to get the best possible result from the dyeing of your seats, it is essential to follow several steps. In order to help you carry out this operation, we present here all the steps to follow.

Cleaning the leather

Before dyeing your leather seats, you should first thoroughly clean the surface you wish to recolour. The cleaning stage is essential to ensure that the dye product adheres as well as possible and that the final result is as optimal as possible. To ensure that your seats are perfectly clean, do not hesitate to use our products specially designed for cleaning leather surfaces.

Repairing leather

After thorough cleaning of the areas to be re-coloured, you can possibly proceed with the renovation of the individual areas to be stained. Over time, it is not impossible that your leather will be scratched, torn or perforated in certain places. If you wish to dye your seats, take the opportunity to repair the various leather parts of your car.

Recolouring your seats

Once your seats are perfectly clean and repaired, you can begin the dyeing stage. For this, we offer you different products perfectly adapted for all types and colours of leather. Indeed, our wide range consists of different car leather dyeing colours. If you cannot find the colour you want, you can use our colour chart or send us a sample. We will then be able to offer you a tailor-made product to restore the original appearance of your leather seats.

Protective varnish

In order to make the recolouring of your car's leather as durable as possible, it is important to think about the finishing touches. For this step, Sofolk has a wide range of protective varnishes to ensure that the colour of your leather seats lasts as long as possible. A good finish will thus help you avoid premature wear and tear of your seats and discolouration of the various leather parts.

What products should I use to recolour the leather of my car seats?

Variations in temperature, friction, sunlight and lack of maintenance are the main factors that cause leather to deteriorate in the more or less short term.
Fortunately, leather is a fabulous material that can be easily recoloured!

Our leather recolouring products

With Sofolk, car leather renovation has never been easier! For the recolouring of car seat leather, we have been supplying our customers (Individuals and Professionals) with our Pigmentary Leather Recolouring for over 30 years. This product can finally be applied like a classic paint, on any non velvety leather, without any precoating or colour fixative.

Depending on the colour tone, the application of one to three coats will be necessary. Our recolourant has the advantage that it does not harden the leather while retaining its grain. The raw materials used are the same as those used by tanners!

For a good grip and durability, you must nevertheless follow the instructions provided in the instructions for use, and properly care for your car leather. Our recolouring will allow you to repaint your seat in its original colour as well as in another colour of your choice. It is therefore perfectly possible to change the colour of the leather from black to beige!

What to do if the leather in your car is worn out?

Is the leather of the driver's seat worn out by rubbing, cracks on the outer edge or loses the finish and part of its original colouring? With our Pigmentary Colour Repairing Paste and Pigmentary Colour Remover, the leather of your car seats suffering from cracks or scratches will look like new again after having received the indispensable coat of Silky Varnish.

Can the colour of leather seats be changed?

To meet everyone's needs, we have designed recolouring products that allow you to obtain the best possible result. So, should you wish to change the colour of your seats, this is perfectly possible with our leather stain products. If you wish to dye your brown leather seats with a black product, Sofolk products guarantee you a quality result. To ensure that this operation is the most successful, follow all the application steps as closely as possible and respect the drying times.

Opt for our car leather dyeing kits.

To simplify the dyeing of your leather seats, Sofolk offers you complete kits to carry out this operation easily. From cleaning to finishing, repair and dyeing, you can choose all the products you need to achieve the best possible result. By opting for a car leather dyeing kit, you are sure to have all the products at your disposal to restore the original appearance of your seats. With Sofolk, you will once again enjoy the comfort of your seats while rediscovering the beauty of your vehicle's interior.

Depending on your needs, you can adapt the composition of the leather dyeing kit to suit your requirements. So that you can drive your car in the best possible way, choose the products you need and select the quantity necessary to carry out the entire leather dyeing process. By opting for the complete Sofolk dyeing kits, you can be sure of having quality products to ensure that your seats are in perfect condition. In case you have any doubts about the steps to follow for the application of the products, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or use our forum for more information about the use of our products. With Sofolk, car leather renovation has never been easier!

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