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Sailing boat, motor boat, yacht, semi-rigid.... Whatever the type of your boat, its furniture is particularly fragile and can easily be damaged over time. Regular use of your boat can accelerate the degradation of the fabric of your benches, sunbeds or armchairs. However, humidity is also a major factor in the ageing of your leather, imitation leather and leatherette upholstery. If you are wondering "how to redo your boat upholstery", know that it is not always necessary to replace your entire nautical upholstery. On the contrary, it is very often more interesting to renovate it.

Choose here the materials you need to restore

We invite you to discover our range of products for the maintenance or restoration of your boat's leather, imitation leather and skai.

Products to restore leather, imitation leather, fabric and truffle coatings for nautical furniture

Leaders on the market for more than 30 years, we have designed and manufactured a range of high-performance products to restore the coating of all your boat furniture. Are your leather benches damaged? Are your imitation leather chairs torn? Is the skai in your boating seat too worn out? We have the product that will meet your needs and allow you to repair the coating of your boat furniture.

Our care products for boat furniture

Our renovation products are used to clean, maintain, repair, paint and protect many materials used in the marine industry.

Our complete range is designed for the renovation of benches and upholstery in leather, leather (or imitation leather), and fabrics (truffle for example). Of excellent quality and durability, the use of our products is particularly easy. On each of the product sheets, we give you advice on how to renovate the upholstery of your boat in a simple, quick and efficient way. Our products are also used by many renovation professionals both in France and abroad.

Tips for the maintenance of the nautical upholstery

Why renovate a sofa or boat chair cover?

The materials that make up your boat are particularly subject to external aggression. The same applies to the covering of your interior furniture such as sofas, armchairs or even seats. Humidity, heat, sunlight, friction, salt... these are all factors that unfortunately and inevitably damage your flooring much more quickly than expected.

Protecting the upholstery of your boat is also about ensuring its longevity and resale value!

How to care the boat upholstery?

Be aware that all materials are affected by wear and tear. Indeed, leather, fake leather (imitation leather) and skai tend to lose their liveliness over time. Leather hardens and depigments even on high-class boats such as yachts. This is why it is essential to regularly maintain your nautical upholstery. Regular monitoring will allow you to extend its lifespan and thus to space out renovations for time and cost savings.

To do this, we have established a complete range of products to meet all your needs:

How can I rehydrate my dried leather?
How do I repair my worn leather in places?
How do I restore my leather nautical upholstery?
How do I renovate my simulated bench seat?
How do I restore my boat furniture?
How to repair boat seat coverings?

Please note that we provide you with a forum dedicated to the renovation of boat upholstery. Use this section to ask us your questions and send us your photos. All questions will be answered systematically! We are proud to offer you all our expertise in the renovation of leather and imitation leather.

Please note that we provide you with a forum dedicated to the renovation of boat upholstery. Use this section to ask us your questions and send us your photos. All questions will be answered systematically!

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