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What products can be used to renovate a leather sofa?

From a simple leather armchair to be recoloured to a 6/7-seat corner sofa to be partially or completely renovated, the 5 products used by leather renovators are grouped together in these kits at attractive prices.

This way you can: 

  • repair cracks, fissures, tears, holes, peels, wear and tears and discoloration
  • paint your leather in its original colour or any other colour of your choice
  • protect your colouring and the grain of the leather 
  • Moisturize your leather for its first maintenance

Compatible with all leathers 

Our products apply to ALL LEATHERS, except porous and velvety leathers such as Nubuck for which specific products are available.

Easy to use 

Our pigment re-colouring agent is applied by roller, brush or spray, on the same principle as a paint. No special skills are required to undertake a beautiful renovation of your sofa. A complete instruction manual is systematically delivered with our kits. It will show you step by step which products to apply and how to apply them.

Feel free to contact us or visit our forum if you would like advice on how to use our products!



  FURNISHING Leather sofa
To paint and protect small depigmented and slightly worn areas
Requires neither primer nor colour fixator
Complete operating instructions delivered with the products
A renovation that requires no special skills
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  FURNISHING Leather sofa
4 different kits to choose according to the size of your sofa
To clean, repair, recolour, protect and rehydrate your leather sofa
Available colors: UNLIMITED
Discount kits
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Some useful tips for renovating sofa leather, armchairs and cushions

Can I partially renovate an element of my sofa?

Yes, this is possible but not recommended. Only a complete recoloration of the element at least will allow to obtain a satisfactory homogeneity. Always provide enough products in case the return is not suitable for you.

Do I have to restore only one seat or the whole sofa?

We will always advise you to renovate at least either all the seats or all the cushions. Ideally, you should choose a complete renovation of the sofa for a perfectly homogeneous and satisfactory result.

Do you need to renovate your leather in the house or outdoors?

It is perfectly possible to renovate your sofa, armchair or other leather element in your living room directly in your home. Of course, the ideal solution is to carry out your work in a garage, which will avoid protecting the floor and nearby furniture.

How long does it take to restore a sofa?

The duration of the restoration work on a sofa will vary mainly according to the extent of the repairs to be carried out before re-colouring. For a 2/3-seater sofa, consider planning a WE, knowing that the longest will mainly be the drying times. The actual application of the products will only take you about 3 hours.  

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