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Opt for a complete renovation kit for leather sofa

Leather is a quality material that requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep its lustre. If you wish to renovate a damaged leather sofa, it is essential that you have a complete leather renovation kit. Whether the leather of your sofa is aged, grated, scratched or cracked, we offer maintenance and renovation products to restore the beauty of your sofa's leather.


To paint and protect small depigmented and slightly worn areas
Requires neither primer nor colour fixator
Complete operating instructions delivered with the products
A renovation that requires no special skills
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4 different kits to choose according to the size of your sofa
To clean, repair, recolour, protect and rehydrate your leather sofa
Available colors: UNLIMITED
Discount kits
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New: 4 kits to choose from to clean, repair, recolour, protect and rehydrate
2 in 1: Leather spray paint with integrated satin varnish
Does not require any pre-fixing agents or colour fixers
22 colours available
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Damaged leather sofa: what to do?

Renovating a sofa may be necessary if you have an antique sofa or if an accident damages your sofa. For perforated or aged sofas, we offer you adapted solutions to restore their original appearance. Indeed, our renovation kits are composed of several products to best meet your different renovation and repair needs.
To obtain the best possible result, it is essential to follow several steps, starting with a thorough cleaning. Applying the renovation products to a completely clean surface is necessary for the repair operation to be most effective.
Subsequently, the use of repair or renovation products is very simple and quick. However, it is necessary to respect a certain period of time so that the products impregnate the material well and so that they last over time. In our complete kits you will also find the products for the finishing of your renovation. A good finish is particularly important to ensure that your sofa retains its appearance for as long as possible.

What products can I use to renovate a leather sofa?

From the simple leather armchair to be recoloured to the 6/7 seater corner sofa to be partially or completely renovated, the 5 products used by leather renovators are grouped in these kits at advantageous prices. Thus you will be able to :

- Repair cracks, cracks, tears, holes, peelings, wear and discolouration
- Repaint your leather in its original colour or any other colour of your choice.
- Protecting your colouring and the grain of the leather
- Rehydrate your leather for its first maintenance

Compatible with all leathers

Our products can be applied to all leathers, except porous and velvety leathers such as Nubuck, for which specific products are offered. This versatility is also reflected in the use you can make of these products. Indeed, in order to best meet everyone's needs, we have designed a renovation kit to carry out all the necessary repairs to your leather sofas.

Easy to use on your sofa

Our pigmentary recolourant can be applied with a roller, a brush or a spray gun, on the same principle as a paint. No special skills are required to undertake a beautiful renovation of your sofa. Complete instructions for use are systematically delivered with our kits. It will show you step by step which products to apply and how to apply them.

Don't hesitate to contact us or visit our forum if you would like advice on how to use our products!
Some useful advice for the renovation of leather for sofas, armchairs and cushions

Is it difficult to renovate leather?

Contrary to popular belief, leather is a material that is easy to repair and repaint with our products. You don't need any DIY experience. Just make sure you follow our instructions, take your time and respect the drying times. Renovating a sofa can easily be done in one or two days maximum!

Can I partially renovate a part of my sofa?

Yes this is possible but not recommended. Indeed, only a complete recolouring will allow to obtain a satisfactory homogeneity. Therefore, always plan for enough products in case the finish does not suit you.

Do I have to restore only one seat or the whole sofa?

We always advise you to restore at least all the seats or cushions. Ideally, you should renovate the whole sofa for a perfectly homogeneous and satisfactory result.

Is it necessary to renovate the leather in the house or outside?

It is perfectly possible to renovate your sofa, armchair or other leather element in your living room directly in your house. Of course, the ideal is to carry out your work in a garage in order to protect your floor and nearby furniture.

How long does it take to restore a sofa?

The length of time it takes to restore a sofa will vary mainly according to the extent of the repairs to be carried out before recolouring. For a 2/3 seater sofa, plan a whole weekend, knowing that the longest will be mainly the drying time. The actual application of the products will only take about 3 hours.

Is it possible to change the colour of my armchair?

It is possible to completely change the original colour of your armchair or sofa. Our leather paint is relatively covering, so if the current colour of your furniture no longer suits you, it is easy to change it. However, certain precautions should be taken. If you wish to paint your leather in a much lighter colour, we recommend the application of a first coat of white paint overdosed with pigment (contact us).

On the other hand, we advise you to wait 15 days before applying the varnish. Indeed, the porosity varies from one leather to another and some leathers can take up to 15 days to absorb our pigmentary recolouring agent definitively. If you have not applied enough layers of leather paint, the original colour may therefore sometimes reappear slightly in places. If this happens, simply apply one or two more coats .

Caring for your leather sofa

To ensure that the renovation of your sofa lasts over time, it is essential to use the right products to maintain it properly. In our complete kits, you will find the quality products to keep the look of your sofa for a long time. Good maintenance of your sofa is therefore as important as carrying out an appropriate repair.
In order to recover and preserve the appearance of your leather sofa or armchair, it is essential to choose the complete renovation kit that best suits the material and colour of your sofa. To help you in this choice, you can consult our wide range directly on the internet or ask us for advice by sending us a sample.

Opt for a complete renovation kit!

The repair or renovation of a sofa involves several steps. To carry out these different operations, it is particularly interesting to opt for a renovation or refurbishment kit according to your needs. With these complete kits, you will have all the products you need to achieve the best possible result.

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