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Why protect a leatherette sofa?

Unlike leather, for which natural materials can work miracles during a complete renovation, synthetic materials such as imitation leather, leatherette, vinyl, or polyurethane, can present irreversible damage depending on the deterioration of their surfaces. Indeed, these synthetic materials are not porous like natural leather, since they are covered with a polyurethane coating which prevents a thorough restoration of the material.
To avoid this point of no return, it is therefore essential to protect your imitation leather sofa or armchair with a colourless protective film called Varnish. Applied on the material, and regularly renewed, it is very discreet and keeps your leatherette sofa in good condition every day.


Prolongs the life of the colour and material by adding a colourless wear layer
Available in cans or aerosols
Compatible with leather
Product detail


Ideal for the maintenance of leather and fabrics
Water and oil no longer penetrate. Stains no longer adhere
Duration of action: 6 to 12 months
Based on nanoparticles
24,99€ 22,49€
Product detail

What exactly is the purpose of a varnish?

When designing your imitation leather sofa, a protective varnish is always applied, and preserves its appearance for several months. However, this original varnish gradually wears away with repeated rubbing and is no longer an effective protection for the material and colouring of your imitation leather sofa. There is, therefore, a need to protect your sofa again with a new application of adapted varnish. This colourless protection has, in fact, two essential functions for the aesthetics and life span of your sofa.
Firstly, and as mentioned above, the varnish protects the leatherette surface of your sofa. A correct application of this product therefore allows you to avoid the risks of wear and tear of the material, but also of discolouration of the original colour, and offers you an important resistance to rubbing and possible scratches from animals. Indeed, the aggressions suffered during your use are borne by the varnish, and not by the synthetic material of your leatherette living room. Preserved, your imitation leather sofa or armchair will keep its original shine and the comfort that seduced you at the time of purchase.
Similarly, any stains you might make on your sofa do not immediately penetrate the material at the risk of creating irreparable damage that would mark its surface permanently. By properly protecting your imitation leather sofa, it is the varnish that is stained, thus preserving the heart of the material. You simply clean without fear of the stain reaching the textile and irreparably damaging its impeccable finish.
On the other hand, the varnish applied to your imitation leather or leatherette sofa gives it an aesthetic finish. Matt, shiny or satin, it is this protective layer that determines the final appearance of your living room. A new application can therefore give you the opportunity to modify this finish according to your desires, if you change the decoration of your living room for example. If you are not aware of the original finish of your sofa but you would like to recover its past appearance, Sofolk advises you to choose the satin finish. Indeed, this last one is the most used in leather or imitation leather living room furniture.
In general, varnish is both essential after a new colouring of your imitation leather sofa but also in regular care on the most stressed areas of the sofa such as the armrests, the backrests at neck level, or the seats. Inevitably worn out over time, Sofolk therefore recommends one or two applications of protective varnish per year to effectively protect your leatherette sofa and considerably extend its lifespan.

Sofolk Varnish for your imitation leather sofas

To protect and allow your imitation leather sofa to keep an impeccable look for years, Sofolk proposes you the Clear Varnish for Synthetic Sofa. This quality protection is suitable for leatherette and imitation leather, as well as leather, vinyl and polyurethane, and ensures a discreet finish of your choice between satin, matt or gloss. This Sofolk multi-material varnish is available in two formats to best suit your needs:

Sofolk Clear Varnish in a can: available in three different formats from 125ml to 500ml, the varnish in a can is water-based and therefore poses no danger, or risk of irritation, if it comes into contact with the skin. Easy to use, simply apply it with a sponge and respect the drying time indicated to fully enjoy your sofa again.

Sofolk Clear Clear Spray Varnish: available in a single 400ml format, the spray varnish also allows you to add anti-UV protection to its formula. An additional option that may prove to be indispensable following the daily exposure of your imitation leather sofa to the sun. Easy to apply and more effective than the formula in a can, it also dries more quickly and allows you to protect your surface evenly and easily. Solvent-based product due to its format, it is however necessary to apply this aerosol varnish in a ventilated area to avoid any inconvenience.

Whatever your choice of format, the Clear Varnish promises you an easy-to-use product and quality protection for your imitation leather or leatherette sofas. If you are not sure which product or quantity is best suited to your situation, our Sofolk teams are at your disposal to guide you through your order.

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