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Renovation of leather sofas or armchairs


How to renovate your leather sofa?

If your leather sofa is worn or damaged (holes, scratches, snags, etc.), a restoration is necessary to restore it to its original appearance and give it back all its lustre. Renovating a leather sofa is within everyone's reach and can be very easy to do provided you follow a few essential steps.

First of all, you need to clean your sofa in order to remove dirt and grease from it. Over the years, its use has inevitably left traces of sebum, perspiration and household pollution. This first step is therefore essential if you want the following treatments to be able to properly penetrate the grain of the leather and thus obtain an optimal result.

On this clean basis, you might want to renovate a cracked leather sofa, or renovate a designer leather sofa for example. In any case, if there is any damage to the leather surface, you will have to carry out a repair if you want to restore your sofa. Using a paste, or liquid leather, you can remove the damage to the leather and enjoy a smooth surface for the rest of your leather sofa renovation.

Depending on the damage and wear of your leather sofa, a recolouring may be necessary. More than a finish, it allows you to choose a new colour for a change of style or to recover the splendour of the original colour. Whatever the case may be, a new stain will give your leather sofa a new lease of life for an impeccable finish.

In order to preserve this recolouring but also to keep the aspect of your leather, you must apply a protective varnish on your sofa. This product makes your leather sofa more resistant to rubbing, but also to scratches, to guarantee you a complete and long-lasting renovation.

Finally, and always with the aim of keeping your leather sofa in excellent condition, it is important to regularly nourish it with a suitable oil. Frequent care will ensure that your leather is supple and comfortable. Moreover, this product allows you to keep your colouring intact for several years.

By following these simple steps, you are sure to renovate your leather sofa at home in the best possible way for a stunning quality result that will delight you every day.

Why feed your leather sofa BEFORE or AFTER any renovation?

Whatever the leather, we recommend the application of Sofolk 100% Natural Fodder Oil 15 to 30 days before, or 30 days after repairing very cracked leather. By penetrating the leather fibres, the Oil will allow the leather to regain its suppleness and preserve the colour of your sofa for longer. You will thus preserve all the aesthetics and comfort of this central part of your living room for several years.

It is therefore essential not to underestimate the importance of this care in the maintenance of your leather sofa, and to proceed with its application respecting the time of infiltration necessary for an optimal and quality result.

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