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Painting for car seats in leatherette

Over the years, the daily use of your vehicle and repeated rubbing wears away the colouring of car seats made of imitation leather and leatherette. While you would like to restore the original appearance of your car's interior, or take advantage of the opportunity to change the colour and reinvent your car, dyeing the leatherette may seem complicated at first glance. Sofolk guides you with an easy-to-use product that guarantees you a remarkable result. Don't hesitate and trust Sofolk to give a second youth to your leather or leatherette seats without leaving your home!


Water-based paint for leather / imitation leather
This product can be delivered in the same color as Leather Pigment Dye or plastic paint
Product detail


Very high quality paint with fast drying
Very high scratch resistance. Remarkable adhesion power
With integrated satin varnish
21 colours available
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Why dye your car seats?

As mentioned above, wear and tear on your leatherette or leatherette car seats is inevitable. Repeated rubbing, as well as soiling and exposure to the sun, will damage the protective varnish on them and dull their colouring. While your car is still performing well, it seems to have lost some of its original charm and comfort. A new colouring of the leatherette car seats allows you to rediscover the pleasure and incomparable aesthetics of your interior in all simplicity.

If your imitation leather car seats are still in good condition, a recolouring of the material can also be the opportunity to completely renew the interior of your vehicle with a different colour. A simple stain, which gives you the impression of a brand new vehicle at a lower cost. Whether you want to make a recently purchased second-hand car look more like a new one, or adapt your car to your current tastes, you can take advantage of the wide range of colours available with Sofolk.

Sofolk Car Seat Paint for Leather and Leatherette Seats

Sofolk Car Seat Paint is a multi-material product that can be applied to many surfaces such as leatherette, imitation leather, vinyl, polyurethane and leather. If you are not sure which material is used for your car seats, then you can be sure of a perfectly adapted product that does not attack it, whatever it is. A real comfort that allows you to make your purchase serenely and to organise your new dyeing with the guarantee of an impeccable result in all circumstances.
In immediate manufacture, you can take advantage of 21 standard colours available with shades to suit all tastes and styles. However, you can also send us a 1 cm2 sample of your car seats to order a customised shade that will allow you to recover their original colouring, for a cabin as good as new! In order to help you find the perfect paint that will meet all your expectations, Sofolk also offers you to choose your colour from the car manufacturers' colour charts available on our Leather Pigmentary Colouring Recolourant product. You then have access to the standard colours of many vehicle brands to guide you in your choice.
In all cases, and whatever the colour you choose, our Sofolk car seat paint gives you the benefit of a quality formula that respects the material, for ideal coverage and a striking visual every time.

How do you dye the imitation leather and leatherette of your car?

The recolouring of the leatherette is very easy with Sofolk imitation leather products for cars. In fact, dyeing the leatherette of your vehicle is within everyone's reach, and requires no special skills. Our imitation leather paint is water-based and therefore enables you to cover fireproof imitation leather or leatherette with UV protection without any primer.
With good coverage, our leatherette stain can be applied with a foam roller or a spray gun. If your original imitation leather is light-coloured, or if the material of your car seat is rather porous, a second coat may be necessary to obtain a perfect result. In any case, it is essential to make sure you have enough product at your disposal to carry out the entire colouring of your vehicle's imitation leather car seats. In this way, you can be sure to get a homogenous result and complete your re-colouring in a single application.
Once the drying time has been respected, it is important to protect your new colouring from rubbing and soiling. Depending on the amount of re-colouring used, you should count on an equivalent of 30% to 50% varnish. Our Silky Clear Varnish preserves your stain over time and protects the material from the daily aggressions linked to the use of your vehicle. Applied with a slightly dampened sponge or spray, depending on the format chosen, you will once again benefit from an easy-to-apply product that will keep your interior spotless for a long time. This wear layer therefore reinforces the resistance of your car seats, but also brings the final aesthetic touch to your re-colouring, since our Sofolk varnish allows you to choose from the following finishes: matt, satin and gloss.

Why choose Sofolk products to recolour your Skaï chairs?

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of leather and colouring, our products for imitation car leather are developed in the same logic as the original colouring of the material in order to guarantee you a look like new. In order to enable you to sublimate all your leather or imitation leather elements and accessories, we offer you easy-to-use products, as well as numerous tutorials to guide you step by step.
To this end, our teams are available by phone, email or on our forum to answer all your questions. Experienced and attentive, they will give you personalised advice at any time to ensure that your car seats are perfectly coloured in imitation leather and give you an incomparable result. You can also consult our customer testimonials to get a concrete idea of their Sofolk experience, and take advantage of photos of how our products have been used to colour imitation leather car seats.
In addition, our products are made and designed in France, near Bordeaux. This French production is particularly close to our hearts and allows you to benefit from a unique and incomparable know-how in all Sofolk products. You are sure to discover top-of-the-range leatherette dyes at the best price, to recolour your car seats in imitation leather. Moreover, all our orders are shipped directly from the manufacturer, so you benefit from fast delivery, within a few working days, for all your Sofolk purchases. This makes it easy for you to plan your recolouring with easy-to-use products that allow you to dye your leatherette at home quickly without having to call a professional or leave your home. Restoring the original shine of your vehicle's leatherette or leatherette seats will never have seemed so easy with Sofolk!

Simulated leatherette car renovation: discover our range of products!

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