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How do you care for the leather of your car seats?

Caring the leather of your car leather seats will double their lifespan!

Sweat, friction, abrasion, stretching, dirt, etc. are the main causes that harm your car leather seats. Not necessarily visible at first, these aggressive factors (when they appear) no longer allow for preventive maintenance.

In order to preserve the comfort and original appearance of your car seats to the maximum extent, it is therefore important to properly maintain the leather. With Sofolk products, you can easily maintain car leather and significantly increase the lifespan of your seats.


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4 essential products for good vehicle maintenance
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3 essential products for professional leather care
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Nourishes and softens the leather of your car seats, including crackled leathers
Restores leather resistance to stretching and tearing
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Cleaner, degreaser for leather car seats
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Ideal for a good maintenance of your seats 2 to 3 times a year
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Gives the leather of your car a silky touch. Replaces the original varnish altered by friction
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Gentle degreasing cleaner for leather
Glycerine-rich soap, ideal for cleaning sofas, armchairs, upholstery (horse riding, motorbikes, boats), shoes, boots, etc.
Low-foaming and economical
No risk of leather discolouration
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Ideal for the maintenance of leather and fabrics
Water and oil no longer penetrate. Stains no longer adhere
Duration of action: 6 to 12 months
Based on nanoparticles
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Regular use of the best leather care products for your car will help prevent premature wear and tear on your seats. Designed for various types and colors of leather, Sofolk leather care products will easily remove all stains, repair any holes, and properly hydrate the leather. To restore the beauty and comfort of your car seats, it's important to follow the drying times and all our instructions for applying the various products.

Why maintain your leather car seats?

It's not uncommon to see leather degradation on the driver's seat or the steering wheel. On the driver's seat, friction from your clothes when entering the vehicle usually wears out the outer edges. The original leather varnish eventually disappears and no longer serves its protective role. If you don't regularly protect the areas subjected to friction, the leather's color and grain will gradually degrade until it tears.

Before the leather in your car is too damaged, it's essential to care for it properly. Regular leather care makes this task easier and allows you to enjoy genuine comfort while driving.

Leather car seat maintenance isn't just about aesthetics; it's also crucial for your driving experience. To meet the needs of all drivers, we offer a wide range of leather care products for cars.

How to maintain the leather of your car seats?

Leather, particularly comfortable, is a delicate material that requires regular care. Ideally, the leather of your car seats should be maintained every quarter. If you're not a fan of leather car care, or if you've just purchased a new vehicle with poorly maintained leather, we recommend opting for our maintenance kit.

For proper leather car care, several factors should be considered: the condition, color, and type of leather, as well as the presence of stains or holes. Based on these criteria, you can choose the most suitable product for effective maintenance and achieve the best possible result.

Tip: Contrary to what is said on the internet, using body creams or nourishing milk for leather is truly to be avoided. Indeed, at best, they remain on the surface for a few hours, at worst, they penetrate the leather, risking clogging it and saturating the fibers.
Only nourishing oils like "Pied de Boeuf" will be able to penetrate the inter-fiber space of the leather.

  1. Start by checking the condition of your seats: make sure they don't have any damage such as holes or deep scratches, as water or products you use could infiltrate. It's essential to repair these cracks first.
    Also, consult your vehicle manual to know the recommended or avoidable products for caring for your leather seats.

  2. Get rid of dust, sand grains, or other impurities that could scratch and damage the leather: use a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to perform this operation carefully, paying special attention to folds and spaces between the seat and the backrest.
    For optimal maintenance, this step should be done at least every two weeks.

  3. Clean your leather with a cleaner suitable for leather, but also according to your cleaning frequency. Use a gentle cleaner if you clean the leather at least 2 times a month. Otherwise, use a more powerful cleaner for better effectiveness.

  4. Nourish your leather seats: to preserve their beauty, nourish them at least once every quarter. Use a soft, non-lint cloth like a microfiber to revive their shine.
    Apply a moderate amount of nourishing oil on the leather so it maintains its softness and original appearance.

  5. Protect the leather flower from external aggressions: to prevent discoloration of the flower, applying a special leather protective varnish is essential at least 2 times a year. Pay special attention to the most solicited areas: the steering wheel, driver's seats, and armrests of the cabin require special care!

Why choose Sofolk products to maintain leather car seats?

For over 30 years, Sofolk has been developing a range of products for leather car care. The various products offered allow for the maintenance of the leather interior: cleaning, nourishing, and protecting. Whether for the steering wheel or your leather seats, Sofolk products have been designed to best meet everyone's needs. For effective maintenance and optimal results, we offer various products:

Cleaning oil: a gentle cleanser ideal for regular maintenance

Good leather maintenance also requires a clean, stain-free surface. For this, Sofolk also offers a cleaning oil that removes all traces and hydrates the leather of car seats at the same time. Very easy to apply, it allows for the best maintenance of your leather seats and steering wheel.

Powerful Stain Remover Cleaner: to remove all stains

Ideal for removing impurities and the most stubborn stains from leather. Use a soft-bristled brush for greater effectiveness.

Nourishing oil: ideal for deep hydration of leather

Perfectly suited for all smooth leathers (raw leather, full-grain, etc.), this nourishing treatment is ideal.

Silky varnish for leather protection

Originally, all leathers have a protective varnish. Over time and with the application of different care products, this varnish tends to wear off. For effective leather car care, the use of a silky varnish ensures good finishing and lasting protection.

Available in satin, glossy, or matte finish, this varnish effectively protects the leather and helps preserve your car's leather for as long as possible.

As you can see, from maintenance to finishing, we have a wide range of products to restore the beauty of your car's interior leather and ensure long-lasting protection. Depending on your needs and the condition of the leather, you will find the right equipment to clean, hydrate, and protect your seats.

With Sofolk, your leathers, as well as fabrics and plastic elements, can be perfectly maintained, providing you with real driving comfort.

Tips for Avoiding Damage to Leather

To preserve the quality and durability of the leather in car interiors, such as seats, armrests, and door trims, it is essential to follow certain recommendations. Here are some practical tips to avoid damaging these delicate surfaces:

1. Regular Cleaning

  • Frequency: Clean the leather at least once a month.
  • Products: Use a specific leather cleaner, avoiding products containing alcohol or solvents that can dry out and crack the leather.
  • Method: Apply the product with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, using circular motions to remove dirt without damaging the surface.

2. Leather Hydration

  • Importance: Leather, being a natural material, requires regular hydration to maintain its flexibility and prevent cracks.
  • Products: Use a high-quality leather conditioner, suitable for the type of leather in your vehicle.
  • Application: Apply the conditioner every three months, ensuring it is well absorbed with a soft cloth.

3. Protection Against the Sun

  • Risks: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can discolor and dry out the leather.
  • Solutions: Use sunshades or seat covers to reduce direct exposure. Also consider applying a specific UV protector for leather.

4. Precautions with Sharp Objects

  • Problems: Sharp or abrasive objects can scratch or puncture the leather.
  • Advice: Avoid carrying items such as keys or sharp tools in your pockets when sitting on leather seats. Use protective covers for items that could damage the leather.

5. Immediate Repair of Damage

  • Importance: Small cracks or scratches can worsen if not treated promptly.
  • Actions: Use leather repair kits to fill in small cracks.

6. Avoiding Chemicals

  • Risks: Strong detergents and other unsuitable chemicals can damage the leather's grain and pigmentation.
  • Recommendations: Use only products recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or specifically designed for automotive leather.

7. Temperature Control

  • Problems: Extreme temperature variations can weaken the leather.
  • Solutions: Maintain a moderate temperature inside the vehicle. If possible, park the car in a garage or in the shade to avoid thermal fluctuations.

8. Regular Ventilation

  • Benefits: Good ventilation helps prevent the buildup of moisture, which can cause mold to form and deteriorate the leather.
  • Practices: Regularly ventilate the interior of your vehicle, especially after cleaning or on humid days.

By following these tips, you will not only extend the lifespan of your car's leather interiors but also maintain their elegant appearance and comfort. Regular maintenance and simple precautions can make a significant difference in preserving the quality of the leather.

Why grease leather with nourishing oil?

It's important to know that every time leather is used, a small amount of the oil it originally contains is consumed. Over time, the amount of oil present gradually decreases and eventually runs out.

To remedy this, Sofolk offers its nourishing oil, which restores suppleness and resilience to your car's leather. This product penetrates the leather fibers and helps prevent the appearance of cracks and tears caused by lack of oil.

To facilitate the maintenance of your car's leather, we have designed these types of products to be as simple to use as possible. With just a washcloth, you can nourish the leather of your seats or steering wheel by gently massaging the most damaged areas.

For this operation to be as effective as possible, it's essential to wait long enough before reusing your vehicle so that the oil fully penetrates the leather fibers.

To ensure the best maintenance of your car's leather, we offer a range of quality products suitable for different types of leather. Easy to use, they will allow you to restore the original appearance and comfort of your seats.

Regular use of these care products is essential to guarantee the quality of your vehicle's leather. For the best possible result, we offer a leather care kit containing all the products for maintenance, cleaning, and protection.

To help you choose the most suitable products for your car, we are at your disposal. Indeed, from a photo or a sample of your seat leather, we can determine which products will be specially adapted. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us and find the best products for your maintenance needs.

Specializing in car leather care, Sofolk is committed to offering quality products so that you can maintain your vehicle yourself. Easy to use and offered at attractive prices, our products are known for their effectiveness and durability.
To prevent premature wear of your seat leather or restore the original appearance of your vehicle's leather, don't hesitate to choose our maintenance products.

With Sofolk, car leather renovation has never been easier!

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