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How do you care for the leather of your car seats?

Caring for the leather of your leather car seats will double their lifespan!

Perspiration, rubbing, abrasion, stretching, soiling, etc. are the main causes of damage to your leather car seats. Not necessarily visible at first, these aggressive factors (when they appear), no longer allow you to undertake preventive maintenance. In order to maintain the comfort and original appearance of your car seats as much as possible, car leather should therefore be well maintained. With Sofolk products, you can easily maintain the car leather and considerably increase the life span of your seats.

Regular use of the best car leather care products will help you to avoid premature wear and tear of your car seats. Designed for the different types and colours of leather, Sofolk maintenance products will allow you to easily remove all stains, repair all holes and moisturise the leather. To restore the beauty and comfort of your car seats, it is important to respect the drying times and follow all our advice for applying the different products.


3 essential products for professional leather care
cleans, protects, and hydrates leather
prevents the appearance of cracks
49,99€ 44,99€
Product detail


Nourishes and softens the leather of your car seats, including crackled leathers
Restores leather resistance to stretching and tearing
Product detail


Cleaner, degreaser for leather car seats
Prevents cracks and crevices that would require repair and re-colouring
Ideal for a good maintenance of your seats 2 to 3 times a year
Product detail


New: ANTI-UV protection available
Gives the leather of your car a silky touch. Replaces the original varnish altered by friction
Protects the colouring and grain of the leather of your car
Prevents premature fouling of the leather
Product detail


Ideal for the maintenance of leather and fabrics
Water and oil no longer penetrate. Stains no longer adhere
Duration of action: 6 to 12 months
Based on nanoparticles
24,99€ 19,99€
Product detail

How do you care for the leather of your car seats?

Particularly comfortable, leather is a fragile material that requires regular maintenance. Ideally, the leather of your car seats should be maintained quarterly. If you are not a maintenance enthusiast or if you have just acquired a new vehicle whose leather has been poorly maintained, we advise you to opt for our maintenance kit.
For the proper care of car leather, several elements should be taken into account: condition of the leather, colour of the leather, type of leather, presence of stains or holes. According to these different criteria, you can choose the most suitable product to carry out an effective maintenance and obtain the best possible result.

Important: Contrary to what is said on the internet, the use of body creams or nourishing milk for leather is really to be avoided. At best, these creams remain on the surface for a few hours, at worst, they penetrate the leather at the risk of clogging it and saturating the fibres.

We invite you to consult our Caring for Leather page which will help you better understand leather and how to care for it. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or ask your questions on our forum.

Why maintain your leather car seats?

It is not uncommon to see leather degradation on the driver's seat or steering wheel. On the driver's seat, the rubbing of your clothes when entering the vehicle generally wears away the outer edges. The original leather varnish will eventually disappear and no longer play its protective role. If you do not regularly protect the areas subjected to friction, the colouring and grain of the leather will gradually degrade until it tears.

So before your car leather gets too damaged, it is essential to care for it carefully. Regular maintenance of the car leather will make this operation easier and provide real comfort for your driving. Car leather care is not only for aesthetic reasons, it is also essential for your driving experience. In order to meet the needs of all drivers, we offer a wide range of car leather care products.


For more than 30 years, Sofolk has been developing a whole range of products for car leather care. The various products on offer thus enable you to maintain, repair and protect the leather of your car effectively. As much for the steering wheel as for your leather seats, Sofolk products have been designed to best meet everyone's needs. For effective maintenance and an optimal result, we thus offer different products.

From maintenance to finishing, we have a wide range of products to restore the beauty of your car's leather and ensure long-lasting protection. Depending on your needs and the condition of the leather, you will find the right equipment to best moisturise and protect your seats. With Sofolk, your leather car seats will therefore be perfectly maintained and will allow you to enjoy real driving comfort.

Why grease the leather with food oil?

It is important to know that every time the leather is used, a small amount of the oil that originally made it up is consumed. Over time, the amount of oil present therefore gradually decreases and runs out. To remedy this, Sofolk offers you its nourishing oil, which helps to restore suppleness and resistance to the leather of your car. This product will penetrate the fibres of the leather and thus prevent the appearance of cracks and tears caused by a lack of oil.

In order to facilitate the maintenance of the leather of your car, we have designed this type of product so that its use is as simple as possible. With a simple washcloth you can nourish the leather of your seats or steering wheel by gently massaging the most damaged areas. To make this operation as interesting as possible, it is essential to wait long enough before reusing your vehicle so that the oil impregnates the leather fibres as much as possible.

Cleaning oil to remove all stains

Good leather care also requires a clean and stain-free surface. Sofolk also offers a cleaning oil that removes all traces and at the same time moisturises the leather of the car seats. Very simple to apply, it allows you to maintain your leather seats and steering wheel in the best possible way.

The silky varnish to protect the leather

Originally, all leathers have a protective varnish. Over time and with the application of various maintenance products, this varnish tends to come off. For effective car leather care, the use of a silky varnish ensures a good finish and long-lasting protection. Available in satin, gloss or matt finishes, this varnish will effectively protect the leather and keep your car leather as long as possible.

In order to guarantee the best care for your car leather, we offer a range of quality products adapted to the different types of leather. Easy to use, they will allow you to recover all the original aspect and comfort of your seats. Regular use of these care products is essential to guarantee the quality of your vehicle's leather. To achieve the best possible result, we offer a leather care set including all the products to maintain, clean and protect the leather.

To help you choose the most suitable products for your car, we are here to help you. From a photo or a sample of the leather in your seat, we can determine which products are best suited to your car. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us and find the best products to carry out your maintenance.

As a specialist in car leather maintenance, Sofolk is committed to offering quality products so that you can carry out the maintenance of your vehicle yourself. Easy to use and offered at attractive prices, our products are recognised for their effectiveness and durability. In order to prevent premature wear of the leather of your seats or to restore the original appearance of the leather of your vehicle, do not hesitate to opt for our maintenance products. With Sofolk, car leather renovation has never been easier!

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