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Why protect the leather of your sofa?

All new leather sofas have a clear varnish or wax finish when they are sold. This surface treatment mainly protects the grain of the leather and the colouring from abrasion. It also gives the leather a more or less shiny appearance.
Over time, repeated rubbing and the application of household products that are more or less aggressive or adapted to the leather will undoubtedly remove this original varnish. Leather that is left raw will deteriorate very quickly on the surface. First the colouring will fade, then the grain of the leather will become porous until it tears.
It is therefore essential to apply a wax or protective varnish regularly to keep the leather of your sofa supple and shiny. More than a care, it allows you to avoid premature wear and tear, and to offer a better resistance to scratches and rubbing to your leather. A protection to be applied regularly on your sofa to considerably increase its lifespan and enjoy its unparalleled aestheticism for many years.

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
New: ANTI-UV protection available
Gives the leather of your car a silky touch. Replaces the original varnish altered by friction
Protects the color and the leather
Prevents premature fouling of the leather
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Protects and waterproofs the grain of the leather
Gives a candle feel characteristic of beautiful leather
Satin finish only
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Ideal for the care of leather and fabrics
Water and oil no longer penetrate. Stains no longer adhere
Duration of action: 6 to 12 months
Based on nanoparticles
24,99€ 19,99€
Product detail

Why protect the leather from the sofa?

Fortunately, the application of a surface treatment is not only reserved for tanneries. But then how do you protect a leather sofa? Whether it is our Silky Varnish or our Protective Wax, our products have the same characteristics and raw materials as those used by tanners. Quality criteria that make Sofolk products indispensable and recommended by our customers.
Sofolk Silk Varnish preserves the colour of your leather while strengthening it to protect it from the various aggressions or soiling of everyday life. Available in matt, glossy or satin finishes, this varnish adapts to all leather sofas to enhance them in a long-lasting way. You can also add an anti-UV protection at the time of your order if your sofa is largely exposed to the sun's rays.
As for Sofolk Protective Wax, it gives you a candle touch which magnifies your old leathers for a perfect finish and long-lasting protection. You preserve your leather from snags but also from stains as liquids slip on the leather after this treatment. With a satin finish, its formula lets the natural scent of the leather through for a daily pleasure of your luxurious sofa.
These two products, available in a bottle or aerosol, will effectively protect your leather by giving it a silky touch. They are very easy and quick to apply and should be renewed at least once a year if you wish to keep your leather in good condition. If you have any doubts as to which product is best suited to your situation, our teams are at your disposal by telephone and by messages through our technical support and our forum.

What is the best waterproof protection for leather sofas?

In order to enjoy perfect leather sofa protection, it is important to waterproof it with a suitable product at least twice a year for optimal treatment. This way you avoid the risk of stains due to spilled glass and possible moisture that could damage the leather fibres prematurely leaving an unsightly demarcation.
This water-repellent effect is possible with Sofolk Protective Wax, but also thanks to our Sofolk Universal Waterproofing. It can be used on all types of leather, including nubuck, and protects your leather sofa from moisture and dirt. Easy to apply, these products allow you a serene use of your top-of-the-range sofa, and a care that ensures a long life span.

Why choose Sofolk products to protect your leather sofa?

With more than 30 years of expertise in leather, Sofolk is recommended by customers but also several national magazines regularly. Verified opinions and articles that testify to a commitment to quality that is close to our heart and for which we put our knowledge at the service of your leather sofa protection project.
Sofolk products are made in France and benefit from unrivalled know-how. Conceived in the same logic as the protected material, you are sure to benefit from perfect finishes and efficient treatment. Easy to use, our products allow you to protect your leather sofa in all simplicity, and at home.

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