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To repair the leather of your car seats, benches, door trim...

How to repair the leather of a car seat?

Torn leather, worn, punctured, snags, cuts, scratches, nicks, cigarette holes....

Unless your leather is in tatters, we offer a range of products that are very easy to use for repairing the leather of your car seats

Our experience as a manufacturer for more than 30 years, allows us to offer you today two complementary products for the repair of car leather.

Sofolk Colourless Leather Healing Cure (CicaCuir) does not necessarily require recolouring. Indeed, this product invisible during drying (it disappears into the flower of the leather), will allow you to weld a cut, an open or closed addiction. The repair will be invisible if the cut is clean, and generally if the edges of the leather are not blistered.
This product is recommended to stop the degradation of the leather, if you do not want to go through a recoloration.
Below is an example of how to repair leather using Sofolk Leather Healing.

exemple réparation accroc cuir
exemple réparation accroc cuir
exemple réparation accroc cuir


Sofolk Leather Repair Paste (also called liquid leather), is white. Flexible in drying, it can repair any tear, fill cracks, scratches, etc.. To repair a leather tear you will need a piece of leather to slide between the foam and the back of your torn leather to strengthen it. We offer a kit dedicated to the repair of a leather tear or a cigarette hole.

Below is an example of how to repair leather using our liquid leather.

exemple réparation cuir liquide
exemple réparation cuir liquide
exemple réparation cuir liquide

If you have any doubts or simply require advice on the use and application of our leather car seat repair products, please do not hesitate to contact us or use our forum.


a unique and exclusive Sofolk product
Allows to reposition the raised leather parts without blisters (scratches), glues without leaving traces, and disappears into the grain of the leather.
Repairs a notch or an open snag by welding both edges
To make the tear or cut invisible, continue the operation by applying the repair paste and re-colouring.
Product detail


Repairs scratches, cracks, cuts, holes on the leather of your seats
Sand well before applying so that the Pigment Colouring Agent covers the white traces of the paste.
You can tint the paste with a drop of pigment re-colouring agent
Product detail


Allows the repair of a tear up to a maximum of 30cm, for a larger size, ask us.
Any repairs to open tears or holes require the addition of a piece of leather as a support for the paste.
Product detail


To restore the leather of your car to its original softness
Can be used especially on leather that has become stiff and dry
Product detail

When to repair the leather of your car seats?

Whether or not you use your car on a daily basis, the leather of the seats and other areas will tend to get damaged. As soon as the first signs of wear and tear appear, do not hesitate to use Sofolk products to repair any holes or scratches. The quicker you carry out the restoration, the more you can prevent further damage to the leather of your seats. To ensure the best possible repair, it is necessary to use the most suitable products for this operation. At Sofolk, you will find high-quality restoration products to restore the original appearance of your car's leather.

Is it possible to repair all wear and tear on car leather?

Even if the seats or other leather parts of your car are badly damaged, Sofolk car leather repair products can repair all defects. Whatever the size of the scratches or holes, you can restore the original beauty of your interior with Sofolk. Easy to use, the leather upholstery restoration products will help you find leather in perfect condition. To help you choose the best repair products, you can contact our teams to get all the right restoration advice.

How to repair car seat leather properly?

Particularly exposed to the risks of scratches and wear, leather requires a certain amount of care and regular maintenance. With use, leather will lose its strength and may even tend to discolour. If this is the case, be aware that you can opt for repair products to restore your car's leather as well as possible. Easy to use, Sofolk products offer you an optimal result to repair all traces of wear and tear. To carry out your restoration, it is essential to follow several steps.


Before proceeding with the restoration of the leather parts of your car, it is essential to thoroughly clean the various surfaces to be repaired. This deep cleaning is essential to ensure that the repair product adheres as well as possible and that you will find seats in perfect condition after applying the repair product.


Once you have cleaned the surfaces to be restored, you can proceed to the leather repair stage. Depending on the operation you need to carry out and the characteristics of the leather of your car, you can choose the most suitable products from our wide range. With Sofolk car leather restoration products, you can easily carry out all repairs yourself.


Depending on the product used, it may be necessary to recolour the restored area. In fact, if the repair to be carried out is substantial, recolouring will be necessary to achieve the most harmonious result possible. To carry out this step, Sofolk offers you all the shades of leather colour available: brown, white, black...


In order for your car leather upholstery restoration to last as long as possible, it is important not to neglect the finish. In order to guarantee the quality of your work and to avoid premature wear and tear of your seats, it is therefore advisable to apply a layer of protective varnish to the various areas repaired. This product will allow you to maintain the appearance and comfort of your chairs for longer.

Easily restore the leather of your car seats

Unless your leather is in tatters, we offer a range of very simple to use products for repairing the leather of your car seats. Our top-of-the-range products have been designed to repair all brands of wear and tear: Torn leather, Used leather, Leather with holes, Accrocs, Clippings, Scratches, Intaglio, Cigarette holes...
Whatever your needs, the leather specialist Sofolk brings you the solution to recover the original beauty of your car leather.

Quick and easy repair

With the right products, leather upholstery restoration will become a particularly simple operation. So that private individuals can repair the leather of their seats and the interior of their car themselves, Sofolk offers them quality products that are particularly easy to use. In order to obtain the best possible result, we offer different products adapted to the different types of leather and all colours. Indeed, to satisfy all your needs, you can choose your products from the different basic colours on offer. If you wish a specific colour, do not hesitate to consult our colour chart and obtain a repair product specially adapted to the colour of your car leather.

As well as being of high quality, our products are particularly easy to use. To achieve the best possible result, it is essential to follow all the steps involved in repairing your car leather. On our website as well as in our repair kits, we show you all the necessary steps to properly restore car leather upholstery. If you have any doubts or if you simply wish to obtain advice on the use and application of our leather car seat repair products, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our forum.

Opt for a complete leather repair kit

To ensure that the repair of your leather seats is as optimal as possible, it is therefore important to have the right equipment. Sofolk offers you kits containing all the products you need to make your restoration as good as possible. According to your needs, you will be able to choose the different products and quantities you need to repair the different leather parts of your vehicle.

By opting for a complete leather restoration kit, you can easily carry out the repair of all your seats. To recover the quality and beauty of your leather seats, follow the different stages of use of the products as closely as possible and check the drying times. To help you with the restoration of your car's leather, don't hesitate to ask our expert teams for advice.

Why choose Sofolk products for the restoration of your leather seats?

With over 30 years of experience, we offer top-of-the-range products to enable you to easily carry out all your leather repairs with the best possible results. Of French quality, our car leather upholstery restoration products are adapted to meet all your needs. Whatever the colour of the leather of your car, you will be able to find the right product that will give you a perfect finish.
To be sure of carrying out a good restoration of your seats and other leather parts of your interior, you can benefit from the advice of our experts by contacting our teams of experts. They will be able to help you and give you all the right advice to ensure the best possible result. By carrying out your leather repair with Sofolk products, you will also make your car's leather more solid and resistant to rubbing. To avoid premature wear and tear on your car leather, do not hesitate to use our products for car leather restoration.

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