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sofa and armchair renovation

Sofas, armchairs, chairs, etc., your leather or imitation leather furniture is repairable!

Whatever the damage, Sofolk has the products and the know-how to repair them. Our renovation-leather tutorials, leather renovator products, customer service, and 30 years of experience make the difference!


How do I repair my leather/leatherette sofa?

Is your sofa scratched or cracked? Worse still, you have to face a small or even a large tear? the leather is discoloured by friction and sunlight or you want to change the colour to stay in the trend? You've come to the right place!

How to repair a leather or imitation leather chair?

Even very damaged or perforated, leather and imitation leather are very easy to repair, and thanks to the Sofolk range of renovation kits, the result is impeccable and effortless. Depending on the damage, Sofolk recommends its liquid leather, healing glue, leather parts to fill a hole etc. To guide you, many tutorials-leather and tutorials-skaï are at your disposal.

Recolouring a leather or imitation leather bench

Is your leather or imitation leather furniture discoloured due to sunlight or use? Did the leather crust leave with the color? It's easy! Choose your colour from our standard or customised selection and bring your high-end living room back to life without replacing it. It is even possible to change the colour of your sofa! Be creative!

How do I care for my leather or leatherette, vinyl armchair?

The care and protection of your leather or leather furniture is the key to ensuring that you can enjoy it for many years to come. Is your leather living room stained? Your leather has become dull and lacks shine? It is a success to act!

How can I protect my natural or artificial leather armchairs?

The seats of your chairs in synthetic and natural leather need wax, oil or varnish to resist friction and time. With 3 types of finishes: matt, satin or gloss, the Sofolk range of varnishes provides lasting protection for your leather or imitation furniture. And for a personalized service it is available in aerosol or bottle.

Which method should I use to maintain my real leather or vinyl furniture?

Is your leather living room dry and brittle? A stain on your luxury sofa? Here you will find authentic tanner's wax, real "pied de boeuf" (vegan) oil or an ultra effective and versatile stain remover. The Sofolk range are also products to restore the original suppleness of your old leather or to loosen and degrease very effectively and without discoloring all your furniture surfaces such as leather, imitation leather, and even plastics, fabrics and alcantara, nubuck.

Why choose Sofolk to restore my leather or alternative leather furniture?

Sofolk is also a network of many professional partners who trust our expertise in the field of leather furniture renovation. Sofolk products are so effective and easy to use that you will have no trouble renovating all your surfaces with tanned or fake skin, vinyl, etc...

Leather and vinyl renovation products

The Sofolk range, the result of 30 years of development, is a range of products adapted to each step of the renovation of your furniture, renovation kits, touch-up kits, tear kits, and even customised restoration kits. All our products are applied without any particular expertise in DIY. You are ready to refurbish and update your leather or leather-like furniture!

The know-how

The result is always impeccable! It is the result of many years of work that we share with you today to restore all your smooth, velvety or grained leather, cowhide, cowhide, cowhide, sheep, goat, lamb, porn, suede... and on any finish: aniline, semi-aniline or pigmented leather, full grain or ground flower.
We share with you our knowledge of the leather and tanning industry on our forum dedicated to the renovation of your leather or imitation leather furniture. Use this section to ask us your questions and send us your photos. All questions will be answered systematically!

We are proud to offer you all our expertise in the renovation of leather and imitation leather.

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