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It is common for car manufacturers to replace leather with imitation leather as a surface coating. This is a pity for their customers because, unlike leather, leatherette is not as easily repairable. However, thanks to Sofolk quality products, you can maintain, protect and even protect your leatherette seats. To preserve the original beauty of your vehicle as well as the quality of the seats as long as possible, don't hesitate to opt for our car leatherette maintenance kits. In order to help you in the use of your products, we give you all the information you need to follow in order to carry out the best possible renovation.

How to renovate a car seat in leatherette, imitation leather, polyurethane or vinyl?

First of all, remember that leatherette, also known as imitation leather, is a thin layer of plastic coating (polyurethane, polyester, etc.) applied to a fabric weave. This characteristic makes leatherette a kind of soft plastic. In order to effectively renovate this type of material, it is necessary to have the most suitable equipment possible. In order to carry out this operation easily, Sofolk has a range of products for renovating imitation leather for car seats.
As well as being of high quality, the Sofolk range is particularly easy to use. Indeed, for a good renovation of synthetic car seats, it is advisable to follow different steps: degreasing, repair of cracks and snags, dyeing and protection. In order to enjoy this renovation as long as possible, it is also important not to neglect the maintenance of the interior of your vehicle. To do this, Sofolk offers you a highly effective, non-discolouring stain remover and a protective varnish that will double the life of your leather seats.

How to renovate the cracked imitation leather of your car?

Over time, it is likely that the seats in your car will tend to deteriorate. Depending on how much you use them, crack marks may appear over time. Before the condition of your seats deteriorates too much, you should know that you can solve these problems by applying the appropriate products. With the Sofolk renovation kits, you can easily repair your imitation leather seats, whether they are torn, cracked or crazed. To achieve the best possible result, we have a wide range of colours to meet all your needs. In order to make your renovation easier, we present you here the main steps of this operation.

Cleaning Skai Car

Before renovating imitation leather or leatherette parts, it is essential to clean the various surfaces to be renovated thoroughly. In order for our renovation products to adhere as well as possible to the surfaces to be renovated, it is essential that they are as clean as possible. For an optimal result, do not neglect this preliminary step before renovating the imitation leather car by using our Stain Remover Cleaner suitable for leather and leatherette surfaces.

Car leatherette repair

Once the skai surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned, you can proceed to the repair stage. To obtain the desired result, Sofolk has developed a wide range of repair products to suit your needs: - Healing: a healing glue that effectively masks any snags in your seats that do not require complete re-colouring.

- The repairing paste: liquid paste allowing to repair all tears, even the biggest ones. For an ideal result, several coats should be applied and the repaired area should be sanded once the product has dried.

- The tear repair kit: to repair large tears, this kit consists of fine sandpaper, repair paste and a piece of leather.

Depending on the importance of the repair, you will thus find the most suitable products to effectively repair your leatherette car seats.

Recolouring Skai Car

Imitation leather is a particularly fragile material that requires careful care and use. Despite all your precautions, the colour of the leatherette of your seats will tend to lose its brilliance, especially with the effects of the sun. To restore the original beauty of your vehicle, Sofolk offers you products for recolouring imitation car leather so that you can easily stain all your leatherette seats.

This type of product can also be used after repairing your seats. Indeed, in case the repair was important and a recolouring is necessary, this type of product will effectively mask any marks from your repair. You can also use this product to completely change the colour of your interior. In fact, by applying several coats according to the colour you want, you can easily change the interior appearance of your vehicle.

Car Skai Protection

After renovating your seats, it is advisable to use the best products to protect the results of this repair as much as possible. Sofolk has also developed a wide range of products for the conservation of leatherette. Thanks to these products, you will be able to enjoy the quality and flexibility of your seats for longer. Every three months, don't hesitate to apply one of Sofolk's car leather imitation protection products: nourishing oil, silky varnish, protective wax.

Car Skai Maintenance

To avoid premature wear and tear on your seats, it is particularly important to use quality cleaning products. Sofolk offers you a range of maintenance products adapted to effectively maintain the interior of your car. This maintenance will also be very useful after a renovation of the imitation leather. Indeed, for your repairs to last as long as possible, it is essential to protect them as well as possible. With Sofolk waterproofing, you can easily maintain your car's leatherette seats.

Car Skai Renovation Kits

If you wish to carry out a complete renovation of your leatherette car seats, Sofolk offers you renovation kits adapted to your needs. Thanks to these kits, you will have at your disposal all the necessary products to carry out this operation: cleaning, repair, recolouring, protection, maintenance. In order to have a kit adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact our teams and take advantage of our expert advice to restore the original shine of the interior of your car.

What products should I use to renovate the leatherette of my car seats?

Depending on the condition of your seats and the renovation work you wish to carry out, you can choose from the various renovation products offered by Sofolk. Whatever the colour of your seats and the type of leather, you will find the most suitable products to easily renovate your imitation leather seats. Above you will find our range of products for car renovation in imitation leather.

Why choose Sofolk products to renovate your leatherette seats?

Since 1989, Sofolk has been committed to offering its customers the best products to repair, maintain and protect leather surfaces. If your car seats are in imitation leather, consult our wide range of renovation products and select the products best suited to your needs. If you would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact our teams directly, who will assist you in your car seat renovation project.

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