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Leather protection varnish for boat upholstery

Bench seat, sunbathing, armchair, cushion... Whatever the nautical furniture that furnishes your boat, its leather upholstery is particularly vulnerable to external aggression. Constantly in contact with the sun's rays or humidity, leather tends to deteriorate much more quickly than if it were in your home. It is therefore essential to protect your leather upholstery effectively and durably with professional quality protection products. These will allow you to considerably reduce the expenses related to the maintenance of your leather (repair, re-colouring...), and thus save both time and money. Discover now our range of leather varnishes for your boat upholstery (yacht, sailboat...).

Products to protect leather

The leather protection products we develop meet a very specific challenge: to effectively protect your leather over the long term. For this purpose, we offer you 2 types of protective varnishes. First of all, the silky varnish, made of water-based and packaged in a can, which is ideal for interior upholstery and can be exposed to external aggression. The second protective product is marine varnish, a solvent-based base that is packaged only in aerosols*. This high-performance varnish will effectively protect your exterior upholstery (leather and leatherette).

* Possibility to deliver it in a container for spray application


High resistance and protection in the marine environment + ANTI-UV protection
Colourless and non-yellowing
The material remains soft and flexible
Available in SATIN, MAT or BRILLANT
Product detail


Compatible with leather, fabrics, alcantara and nubuck
24,99€ 22,49€
Product detail

Why protect a leather covering?

Like any leather upholstery, the maintenance of your nautical leather upholstery is inevitable. Each new summer season is an opportunity to take care of the leather on the boat benches or sunbathing. Indeed, all your furniture is generally in direct contact with the sun, so it is essential to maintain it. To do this, we offer you a complete range of leather recolouring products or even deep cleaning of your leather covering. However, it is also essential to protect your leather. Our products ensure optimal efficiency for the maintenance of coatings, but they must be complemented by products that protect the leather in a durable way. Our leather varnishes apply a protective layer on the coating to protect its appearance, colour and to prevent it from being damaged by moisture or heat. Such protection will help you avoid premature wear and tear and will make your job much easier during annual maintenance. Stain on leather, flakes, discoloration, hole, tear... Protect your leather as much as possible with our products.

When and how do I protect my leather upholstery?

It is essential to protect your nautical upholstery with Sofolk products on a very regular basis. We recommend that you apply the varnishes at the beginning of each summer season, in order to provide the leather with optimal protection against going out to sea and other sun exposure. You can find all the instructions for using our products on the corresponding product sheets. We have detailed each step to the maximum so that you can protect your leather simply and quickly. Each product is sent to you with an additional explanatory leaflet. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to consult our forum on leather renovation.

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