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Leatherette repair products for car seats

If the seats in your vehicle are made of imitation leather, it is important to be very careful and to use the appropriate repair products if traces of wear appear. As a leather specialist, Sofolk has developed repair products for imitation leather car seats to mask all traces of wear and tear. Whether it's a question of small localised damage or a clean tear, Sofolk products enable you to repair your imitation leather seats. In order to effectively repair this particularly fragile material, it is essential to have the right products available and Sofolk is there to help you with this operation.


To fill and repair small cracks, scratches, snags and superficial cuts
Available in BLACK or WHITE
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How do I repair cracked or peeled leatherette from my car seat?

If leather is a fragile material, imitation leather is even more exposed to the risk of damage. Indeed, the quality of this type of material can be more or less good depending on the car manufacturers. In order to avoid premature wear and tear of your various seats, it is therefore essential to repair your seats quickly, as soon as the first signs of degradation appear. To obtain an effective repair, Sofolk has therefore developed a range of products adapted to easily repair certain traces of wear and tear: cracks, fissures, peelings, small snags...

With the RepaSkaï, you will have at your disposal a quality product to hide and repair all your imitation leather seats. Indeed, this pasty product allows you to fill the lack of material efficiently and is therefore perfectly adapted to small repairs. For more serious damage, such as large cracks or the beginning of material detachment, you can use a neoprene glue in addition to RepaSkaï. If your imitation leather car seats are cracked or peeled, RepaSkaï will be the ideal solution to effectively repair this material.

How do I repair a tear in my imitation leather car seat?

If your imitation leather seats are torn, you can also repair them. This operation is possible depending on where the damage is located. In order to obtain the best possible result, it is important to carry out a laminating operation from underneath. To do this, you will have to slide a piece of leather or skai between the foam and the torn material. Once the piece has been placed, you will need to apply neoprene glue to hang the piece in the place where the tear is located. The RepaSkaï will then be used to fill in the gaps in the surface material.
Used by professionals, this technique is also accessible to private individuals. To enjoy seats that are always in good condition, don't hesitate to opt for this technique of repairing tears and recover all the original shine of your imitation leather seats. Should you wish to obtain advice on the steps to follow for this operation, the Sofolk teams are at your disposal to enlighten you.

How to repair the imitation leather of your car?

Depending on the extent of the damage to your leatherette seats, the repair operation will prove to be more or less easy. Thanks to Sofolk, you will be able to repair your seats easily and hide all the traces of wear and tear that appear after use. For an optimal result, several steps are essential:

- Cleaning the surface to be repaired

- Repair of torn, punctured or cracked areas

- Recolouring

- Application of a protective varnish

Respecting these different steps is an essential point to ensure that the repair work on your imitation leather seats is as beneficial as possible and is long-lasting. To facilitate the repair of your seats, Sofolk offers you complete repair kits with all the products you need to find seats in perfect condition. However, if the general state of deterioration is too advanced, the solution of changing all or part of the upholstery may be unavoidable.

How long does it take to repair your car seats?

In order to achieve the best possible result, it is important to follow all the steps necessary for the repair but also to respect the different drying times so that the products fully impregnate the repaired areas. Between the application of the different products, do not rush and strictly follow the different drying times indicated in the instructions for use to ensure the best possible result. Also remember to leave a certain amount of time between repairing the leatherette car seats and the use of your vehicle. In fact, to be sure that the products impregnate your seats as well as possible, it is essential that you respect the times indicated so that your repair lasts over time.

Don't wait before repairing your imitation leather seats

Over time and depending on the use of your car, your car seats will tend to deteriorate more or less quickly. As soon as the first signs of wear and tear appear, it is important to carry out the necessary repair work. Indeed, by responding quickly to the wear and tear of your seats, you will greatly facilitate the repair of your seats and you will avoid further damage: enlarged holes, cracks... In order to guarantee you the best possible repair result, don't hesitate to quickly opt for Sofolk products.

How can you delay the degradation of your imitation leather seats?

Many elements can damage your imitation leather seats: rubbing, temperature variations, sunlight, aggressive cleaning products... All these elements can accelerate the degradation of this particularly fragile material. In order to slow down the degradation of your seats, good care and the application of protective products are essential. Here again, Sofolk is there to advise you and offer you the right products to avoid the degradation of imitation leather.

Renovating the imitation leather of your car: discover our range of products!

In order to best meet your needs for repairing your imitation leather seats, Sofolk has developed a range of products specially dedicated to the repair of this material: RepaSkaï. Available in white or anthracite, this product makes it easy to fill in any visible snags on your seats. Very simple to use, it requires the use of a recolouring product for an optimal result. Indeed, after the repair operation, a recolouring of the damaged area will be necessary to recover the original colour of your car seat.

Whatever the colour of your seats, Sofolk RepaSkaï allows you to easily repair the imitation leather and restore the original shine of your car's interior. For the best possible result, make sure you have the right finishing products to hide the repair. Thanks to Sofolk, you will be able to equip yourself in the best possible way to recover the beauty of your imitation leather seats.

Why choose Sofolk products to repair your leatherette seats?

As a specialist in leather care and repair, Sofolk offers its customers a wide range of products adapted to the most fragile materials. If you wish to repair a leatherette car seat, you will find the right products to get the best possible result. Whatever the colour of your seats, you will find the right products to easily restore the original appearance of the seats.
In order to effectively protect this particularly fragile material, you can trust Sofolk's expertise. Recommended by professionals, our products are available for private individuals who wish to repair the imitation leather of their car seats. To help you in this operation, our teams are at your side to give you the right advice and answer all your questions online or directly by telephone. Thanks to Sofolk products, you are sure to find seats in perfect condition and particularly pleasant to drive in.

Renovation of imitation leather car seats: discover our range of products!

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