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Self-cracked and damaged leather what to do and for what price?

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Hello, I would like to have information on the renovation of my leather seats which are cracked and damaged, the car is 10 years old, it is a beige dakota leather of a bmw 5 series e61, it is at least for 2 full front seats at the start.I would like to know a little bit about the prices to be able to really give a second youth and that the cracks and colors are as new again.I think I can pass the leather repairer of the site, on the other hand, I'm afraid for the color afterwards, I'm afraid to make a mistake of variant to recolor it and make a mistake, so if I would like to know if you have rates also to do the work by a professional and therefore have quotes, I'm from the Lyon area. depending on the prices, I would look for used electric seats from the bmw e61 in much better condition directly.





A good leather repair is only possible if the entire seat is re-coloured. It is not advisable to only recolour the repaired part even if you have made us the same colour.
To renovate your driver's seat for your BMW in Dakota leather, it takes about 70A. We have a dedicated kit for this purpose that you will find in all our auto leather renovation kits.

In fact, renovating leather is very simple. You will find everything you need in our kits. Concerning the color, don't worry, just choose a similar color on your screen when ordering. We systematically send a colour chart before any manufacture. This will allow you to choose your color!


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