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Caring for your imitation leather or leatherette sofa may seem tedious and complex at first glance. However, it is essential to take regular care of it in order to preserve its original state as well as possible. Sofolk therefore proposes you simple to use products for an impeccable sofa for everyday use that will sublimate your living room.


Very effective stain remover on sebum stains.
Use a micro-fibre cloth for wiping.
Also very effective on Leather, plactic, fabric and Nubuck
Product detail


This water-based colourless protection extends the life of the dye.
Apply once or twice a year.
Apply the product with a damp sponge.
Product detail


Ideal for the maintenance of leather and fabrics
Water and oil no longer penetrate. Stains no longer adhere
Duration of action: 6 to 12 months
Based on nanoparticles
24,99€ 22,49€
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Why should I look after my leather sofa?

Imitation leather or leatherette is a textile on which a polyurethane coating has been applied. This material is, therefore, not as porous as natural leather and will be more limited in the possibilities of repair if a complete renovation is necessary. Indeed, depending on the damage suffered, an in-depth restoration is not always possible on these synthetic materials, and only a new purchase for your furniture will allow you to rediscover the singular charm of these imitation leather pieces.

A particular attention paid to your sofa is unfortunately not enough to avoid household pollution and the repeated rubbing which dirties its surface on a daily basis. These recurring aggressions are inevitable and represent more or less important soiling, but can also lead to a partial discolouration of the original stain, or a premature wear of the material when the varnish has been worn out and can, consequently, no longer fulfil its protective role. It is then the heart of the material that is affected, at the risk of creating irreversible damage that a complete restoration of your sofa will not always be sufficient to repair.

This is why it is essential to maintain the surface of your sofa by offering it a cleaning adapted to imitation leather, and by renewing its protective varnish regularly, in order to avoid possible damage that could prove irreparable on its material, and to protect it properly. You will thus enjoy a leatherette living room that will keep all its original shine with simple gestures, and within everyone's reach. Your sofa will never have seemed so easy to maintain with Sofolk!

It is also possible to clean your sofa with our leatherette cleaning products.

Sofolk has developed two essential products, adapted to the specific material of the leatherette, to enable you to carry out a complete maintenance of your imitation leather sofa. You first clean the surface of the leatherette with a stain remover, before applying a protection to preserve its resistance to repeated rubbing and possible scratches with a varnish.
Sofolk Stain Remover Cleaner is available in spray form. Once the product is on the surface of your sofa, leave it to act for a few minutes before wiping it off with a micro-fibre cloth. The most stubborn stains can be rubbed off with a soft brush in gentle circular movements. The quality formula of our stain remover allows you to remove all traces of sebum and other stains, but also to clean all impurities for a perfectly clean sofa with just one product.
As for the Sofolk Colourless Protection Salon Simili Cuir, it is essential to protect your sofa for a long time. All leatherette furniture is delivered with an original protective varnish which needs to be regularly renewed. This varnish will wear out over the months and leaves the material of your sofa bare and exposed to daily wear and tear. To avoid serious and irreparable damage, it is advisable to periodically renew this colourless protection with a sponge, taking care to respect the drying time indicated in the instructions for use. You can then enjoy your imitation leather sofa with complete peace of mind until the next treatment.
This two-step care should be carried out at least twice a year, and ideally every three months for the areas of your imitation leather sofa that are subject to the most wear and tear, such as the armrests, the backrests around the neck and the seats. If you keep to this frequency, you can be sure to extend the life of your leatherette living room considerably and enjoy its incomparable appearance for a long time to come, as it was so attractive to you at the time of purchase.
With easy-to-use care products and undeniable results, it's a real pleasure to maintain this central element of your decoration with Sofolk! Whether it's a question of product choice, quantities or uses, you can also count on our teams at any time. With a hotline, but also a forum open to everyone, you will quickly get professional answers to all your questions. In addition, you will find numerous tutorials and tips on our website to support you at every stage of your interview.

Why choose Sofolk products for the maintenance of your leather sofa?

Proud of its 30 years of experience in leather and imitation leather care, Sofolk puts its specialist skills at your service. Our products are of professional range and ensure you a suitable cleaning and a perfect finish, for a leatherette sofa perfectly maintained all year round. Designed to be easy to use, our stain removers and protective varnishes do not require any special skills for their application. A detail that allows you to maintain your sofa easily and without leaving your home, with the assurance of an incomparable result.
Our products are made in France, and more precisely in Bordeaux, with an unrivalled know-how that promises to sublimate your imitation leather or leatherette furniture every time you use them. In addition to the exceptional quality of our cleaners and varnishes, this French production allows you to benefit from the fastest delivery, which takes only one or two working days, anywhere in France. In this way, you are sure to always get the products you need for the maintenance of your sofa quickly, and to benefit from a simplified organisation on a daily basis.
Finally, and because we design our Sofolk products with the sole aim of accompanying you in your care of leather and imitation leather, you will find on our site verified customer reviews. They have put their trust in the Sofolk experience and are therefore, without a doubt, the best placed to recommend our brand to you. You can also consult the section "Customer testimonials" to discover the results of our products on their salons and various leather goods, in order to help you choose your order.

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