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Leatherette sofa: renovation products

Which renovation operation would you like to carry out on your imitation leather?

How to renovate sofas, armchairs and sofas in imitation leather?

Unlike leather, imitation leather, which is made of plastic, is not porous.

Imitation leather, also known as leatherette, is a covering consisting of a textile weave covered with a polyurethane coating. The latter is coloured and given a surface relief to enable it to imitate the appearance of natural leather. For this reason, renovating your imitation leather sofa requires adapted products and specific steps for an optimal result.


First of all, and for all types of renovation, it is essential to clean the imitation leather surface to ensure the proper application of the necessary care and repairs. Sofolk Stain Remover allows you to degrease and properly clean your leatherette sofa for an effective and long-lasting restoration. Quarterly cleaning will also be the opportunity to avoid soiling the most stressed areas of your sofa.

Note that in the case of a renovation with recolouring, it is then necessary to degrease the surface with methylated spirits or acetone diluted with 50% water.


Then, whether it is a question of renovating a cracked imitation leather sofa or repairing a torn imitation leather sofa, the restoration of damaged surfaces is essential for a complete renovation. For cracks, scratches, snags, tears and cuts, Sofolk Sofa Repairman can be used to fill in the part of the coating layer that has been torn off, for a smooth and flawless surface again.


Once the surface has been restored, a recolouring may be necessary, but this can also simply be an opportunity to make your imitation leather sofa evolve with your decoration and new shades. In all cases, and because leatherette is not porous, the recolouring agent used must have a strong adhesion power. Sofolk Simili Cuir et Skaï Paint is water-based and can be fixed without primer.


To avoid the rapid wear and tear of your imitation leather sofa after your renovation, it is essential to protect the surface with a suitable product. The Sofolk Sofa Varnish Skaï and Imitation Leather allows you to give a glossy, satin or matt finish to your sofa while prolonging its lifespan. It is also possible to add a fireproof or anti-UV protection to your varnish according to the exposure of your leatherette sofa.


Finally, to enjoy the restored aesthetic of your imitation leather sofa and its incomparable comfort, regular maintenance is recommended. A cleaning of the most solicited areas such as armrests, seats or backrests at neck level, and a Sofolk Colourless Simulated Leather Lounge Protection applied every three months will keep your sofa in good condition. A regular gesture for a leatherette sofa renovation that you will enjoy for a long time.
These steps are modulated according to the deterioration of your imitation leather sofa and its needs. Whether it is a question of a partial or a complete renovation of the surface, these different treatments applied in order will ensure you an optimal restoration and give a second youth to your imitation leather or leatherette sofa.

How much does it cost to renovate a imitation leather sofa?

The cost of restoring a imitation leather sofa depends on the wear and tear and damage to the surface. Depending on your needs and situation, you can order Sofolk adapted products individually, or take advantage of Sofolk imitation leather sofa renovation kits, which offer you a complete set of equipment at an advantageous price:

Kit Retouche Couleur Canapé Skaï Sofolk at 37,99 € : with a satin finish, you can easily recolour slightly worn surfaces, or those discoloured by stains, with a strong covering power that ensures an impeccable finish. The leatherette or imitation leather paint is available in 21 colours with the possibility of requesting a customised shade according to your project. As for the colourless protection, it allows you to preserve your new colouring for a long time.

Renovation Kit Sofa 2/3 seater Sofolk sofa at 59,99 € : with a leatherette or imitation leather paint available in 21 colours or custom stain, a repairer for scratches and scratches, and a clear varnish of which you choose the finish and attributes, you have all the products you need for a complete renovation of your imitation leather sofa. A kit designed to suit a two or three seater sofa with the right quantity of products and an optimal offer.

Sofolk 4/5 seater Sofolk sofa Renovation Kit at 79,99 € : with quantities selected to suit your family's skaï sofa, you will benefit from a repairer for scratches and scratches, a skaï or imitation leather paint available in unlimited colours thanks to our different colour charts and the possibility of a custom-made stain, but also a clear varnish with the choice of its finish and degree of protection. A complete kit to restore your leatherette sofa and give it back all its shine easily.

If you wish to recover the original colouring of your sofa, simply send us a sample of the imitation leather to obtain your recolouring in a customised shade. A simple handling that will allow you to find all the aesthetics of your sofa, which you liked so much when you bought it.

If you have any questions about the kits or products to choose from, our telephone support is at your disposal to give you all the answers and guide you with professional advice.

Why choose Sofolk products to renovate your imitation leather sofa?

Sofolk has been manufacturing professional renovation products for over 30 years and offers a complete range of articles dedicated to the restoration of imitation leather or leatherette. Specifically designed for the material treated, our quality products are easy to use, and ensure an impeccable finish in all simplicity, without leaving your home.

In addition to the quality of our products, Sofolk accompanies you every step of the way to guide you thanks to our telephone support, but also our tutorials, and our forum where you can post your photos for more precise recommendations. Choose one of the sections above to find the pages you are interested in, and discover our products with their advice on how to use them.

Thanks to fast dispatch throughout France, Sofolk imitation leather or leatherette renovation products allow you to organise your restoration as you wish. A comfort possible because of our principles, since we deliver direct from the manufacturer in Bordeaux. You can thus benefit from products exclusively made in France for incomparable quality and know-how.

With positive and verified customer reviews, as well as articles in several national magazines, trust Sofolk's expertise and our top-of-the-range products for your imitation leather sofa renovation. You can also visit the testimonials page of our forum to discover the Sofolk experience of several of our customers in photos.

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