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Leather care for sofas

Our care products for leather sofas

Regular maintenance of the leather of your leather sofas will double their lifespan!

Many unavoidable factors harm the leather of your sofa: rubbing, abrasion, stretching, dirt, dust, perspiration, etc. These various aggressions are not necessarily visible at first, such as traces of sebum, mainly present at the nape of the neck and armrests, which penetrate the leather fibres. However, when they do appear, it is often too late to undertake preventive maintenance. Regular care of the leather of your sofa is therefore the only way to ensure constant comfort and to avoid serious damage due to the inevitable wear and tear of your leather sofa.

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Ideal for a regular care of the leather of your sofa.
33,98€ 30,58€
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Ideal for those who do not regularly maintain the leather
A powerful cleaner that does not discolour
Beef Foot Oil to rehydrate and soften the leather properly
Varnish to protect the grain of the leather
52,97€ 39,73€
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Nourishes and softens the leather of your sofa, including crackled leathers
Restores leather resistance to stretching and tearing
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Gentle AND nourishing leather cleaner
To be used only for maintenance (2 to 3 times a year).
Contains 50% nourishing oil and allows deep rehydration of the leather to maintain its original tear resistance.
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Ideal for the maintenance of leather and fabrics
Water and oil no longer penetrate. Stains no longer adhere
Duration of action: 6 to 12 months
Based on nanoparticles
24,99€ 19,99€
Product detail

Maintaining a leather sofa: what are the benefits?

The question might seem innocent or even useless, nevertheless it is important to remember that leather is a noble material that must be maintained regularly. Leather must be cleaned, nourished and protected assiduously if you wish to keep it in good condition. Indeed, a leather sofa that is not maintained will lose its colour, but also its suppleness. Once hardened, the leather will not withstand the daily rubbing for very little time, and the simple care of a cracked leather sofa may not be enough to deal with the damage. A lack of maintenance will also make it easier for sebum, scratches, and other tears to appear over time.
At the time of your purchase, you have invested in a sofa with character, in a material that ensures superior comfort and aesthetics. While leather care may seem tedious or complex at first glance, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to care for. Sofolk accompanies you with easy-to-use and perfectly adapted products. This last point is essential in order not to damage your sofa and to preserve its original shine: a too gentle cleaner will not give you any results over time, and a too aggressive cleaner could discolour your leather, thus ensuring you a much heavier treatment to carry out later on.
On this subject, many internet sites and forums recommend that you avoid using everyday products such as body creams or nourishing milk. At best, these creams stay on the surface for a few hours and give you the brief impression that they work, at worst they penetrate the leather at the risk of clogging it and saturating the fibres. These solutions for the maintenance of your leather sofa are therefore to be avoided absolutely. In order to avoid exposing your sofa to damage that a simple maintenance could not make disappear, it is therefore elementary to select the right products.
If you want to take care of your leather sofa in the best possible way, you can do it with a few simple steps with products designed for this material. Repeated care will ensure that your leather sofa remains supple and shiny as it was on the first day!

When and how to care for your leather sofa?

If you have just bought a leather sofa, you can wait a few months for a maintenance treatment. However, if you recover a leather sofa that has not been maintained and that seems to be in good condition, it is advisable to apply an immediate in-depth treatment for a preventive maintenance. In general, and for optimal conservation of your leather sofa with convincing results, it is advisable to maintain it once every three months on a previously cleaned leather. For this purpose, Sofolk Leather Cleaner, used by many professionals, promises you impeccable leather, ready to receive care.

Once the surface of your sofa is clean, Sofolk offers you different products to maintain your leather sofa:

• Sofolk Cleaning Oil is composed of soap but also Sofolk Food Oil. This quality mixture can be applied with a paper towel. It hydrates the leather and cleans it gently. Please note, however, that this product is suitable for all types of leather except lamb.

• Sofolk "Ox's Foot" Food Oil allows you to deeply nourish the fibres of your leather sofa and prevents possible cracks or tears. With the help of a washcloth, you massage the leather before letting it absorb the oil completely. Your nourished sofa will regain all the suppleness and comfort of its early days.

• Protective Wax or Sofolk Silk Varnish protects the leather grain against weather, UV rays, scratches, etc. and gives your leather sofa back its original shine. While the former offers a silky touch and a satin finish often used on patinated leathers, the latter gives you the choice of a matt, glossy or satin finish. Both products are simply applied with a clean cloth and remain colourless when dry. Please note that Silk Varnish is also available in aerosol cans for even easier use.

The use of these Sofolk products allows you a simplified maintenance of your leather sofa. Your sofa stays at home and you get a professional result at an attractive price. You will find on the product sheets of these articles the advices of use and a downloadable instruction manual, as well as our FAQ to accompany you in the maintenance of your leather sofa. If one of your questions remains unanswered or if you would like more precise advice, our teams are at your disposal on our forum, where you can easily share your photos, but also by telephone from Monday to Friday (from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 6pm). We also invite you to consult our "Caring for leather" page which will help you to better understand leather and the best way to care for it.

Why should I choose Sofolk products for the care of my leather sofa?

Sofolk has more than thirty years of experience in leather care. Our products are designed with the same reasoning as the product we treat, and use the same raw materials as in tannery. With a few exceptions, our products can be applied to all types of leather (cow, cowhide, sheep, goat, lamb, pork, suede), regardless of the finish (aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented). A serious expertise for a noble material that we have at heart to make you sublimate in your daily life.

Where it might seem indispensable to have the complete maintenance of your leather sofa carried out by a professional, Sofolk offers you easy-to-use products, a detailed forum, as well as informative articles to accompany you. You don't need to be an expert in leather care, Sofolk is for you! Our specific articles help you to take care of your leather sofa while staying at home. For an attractive price, you are sure to benefit from professional and rigorous support and quality products.

With several appearances in national magazines, and verified reviews from very positive customers, Sofolk makes it a point of honour to satisfy you in excellence. All our products are made in France for an irreproachable quality and an incomparable know-how. More than a pride, selling direct from our manufacturer in Bordeaux assures you fast delivery throughout France. A practical advantage that gives you the freedom to organise yourself as you wish to carry out the maintenance of your leather sofa.

Do not hesitate to trust Sofolk for the maintenance of a white or light leather sofa. No matter what colour it is, our products are reliable and designed to suit all different shades of leather. Sofolk promises you a complete maintenance of your leather sofa that you will appreciate in time. A quality solution that will allow you to considerably extend the life of your sofa and ensure its aestheticism and comfort for many years to come.

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