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The preservation and processing of leather sometimes requires specific solutions. When this happens, there are two main options: leather dye and pigment recolourant. These products offer distinct methods for reviving or changing the colour of leather, meeting a variety of renovation and customisation needs.


Gives a very satisfying appearance, very close to the original touch
Direct application without hanging prefixes or fixatives, using a sponge or brush for hard-to-reach areas
Available colors: UNLIMITED
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High quality leather dyeing
With this spray dye you can colour a new leather in 3 to 4 coats
The 400 ml aerosol can tint about 2m².
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Very high quality paint with fast drying
Very high scratch resistance. Remarkable adhesion power
Integrated satin varnish
22 colours available
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Leather Dye: 2 types of products 

1- Leather Dye for Nubuck or Suede

Genuine leather dye is applied either in a bath after tanning like tanners do or by spraying using a gun or aerosol. Generally, the dye is applied as the first color, on a new hide, giving that marbled effect commonly found on shoes, club chairs, or certain sofas from top brands.

Once applied, the dye color is influenced by the color of the substrate because it doesn't stay on the surface but penetrates deep into the fibers. As a result, it produces a nuanced patina typical of vintage leathers.

At Sofolk, we offer leather dye in aerosol (or bottle upon request), in the following colors: black, honey, cognac, Havana, brown, chocolate, and Bordeaux. There's no white dye available. Our dye doesn't require a fixative; however, we recommend the successive application of our Protective Wax.


2- Pigment Recolorant for Leather

Pigment recolorant is a clear acrylic resin to which pigments (or dyes) are added to achieve its final color. It's applied like conventional paint but on leather (or artificial leather).

Application is straightforward, usually done with a foam roller, brush, or by spraying (gun or airbrush). Ensure to properly follow all preparatory steps for optimal adhesion to the material. Once applied in multiple layers on the leather, the color will have a uniform appearance, and the material will retain its original flexibility.

We offer a range of inexpensive products to paint your leather sofa, car seats, or club chair. Application of our pigment recolorant is particularly simple. We can manufacture any color from a color chart or any sample.


Repairing Leather Before Recoloring

Leather repair is done before any recoloring operation. Different products and techniques should be employed depending on the condition of your leather. Thus, repairing simple cat scratches, for example, won't be done in the same way as repairing a tear. We invite you to consult the leather repair techniques here.


What is leather dyeing?

Dyeing leather involves tinting it with a dye diluted in water or solvent.

Aniline-finished leather, also known as suede leather, is dyed throughout the material by immersion in a dye bath. The traditional club armchair is also dyed leather, also known as tinted leather, but the dye is deposited on the surface (flesh side of the sheepskin) and penetrates the leather, forming nuances due to differences in the density of the hide.

The color of dyed leather is warmer and the feel more pleasant than that of pigmented leather. Dyed leathers can be found on some leather sofas called "faux suede", where the dye is applied as a finishing on pigmented leather.

Why use leather dye?

There are multiple reasons to use leather dye. It could be to give a second life to your old sofa or to restore your favorite pair of shoes to their original appearance. But you can also apply color to your leather items and accessories for a change. Sofolk offers you a wide range of colors to dye any type of leather.

Want to bring modernity to your interior with a sapphire-colored sofa?
Red being your favorite color, you're considering dyeing your gloves in this shade?
Leather dye products are the ideal solution to make all your desires come true! Moreover, renovating your sofa, seats, or various fashion accessories will make their maintenance easier.

Leather dye: solutions to renovate your furniture and accessories

The main advantage of leather dye is that it can be applied to different types of surfaces. At Sofolk, we offer you quality products, specially designed for each surface to be treated. Thus, you will find various dyes to renovate your sofa and armchairs, your car seats, your shoes, and leather accessories.

To ensure impeccable results, it is advisable to choose a product specially adapted to your needs. For example, if you want to restore the color of your shoes, opt for colored wax. It is applied to an already colored surface to revive the original coloration. Practical, it also helps to protect the leather and facilitate its maintenance.
If, on the other hand, you plan to completely change the shade of your sofa, opt for our aerosol recolorant. It comes in different colors and is suitable for all smooth leathers.

The desired color is not available? We offer to create customized coloring products for you.

How to Perform Leather Coloring?

Applying leather dye requires taking some precautions. While our products are generally easy to use, it's still necessary to properly prepare the surface to be treated. Also, you need to ensure to choose the suitable solution for your needs.

Opt for a Quality Product Suitable for the Surface to be Treated

To guarantee a perfect result, use a quality product specifically designed for the type of object to be renovated. We offer various dyes according to your needs.

Renew Your Sofa with Leather Dye

Is your sofa leather worn out? Instead of replacing it, you have the option to restore its shine with leather dye. We offer different types of products depending on your needs. If you simply want to apply a coloration of the same shade as the original, opt for our pigment recolorant.

In addition to coming in multiple available colors, it is particularly easy to apply. It can also be used for a change of shade. The aerosol recolorant is the ideal solution if you plan to dye your sofa in a different color. It has strong adhesion properties and also acts as a varnish. It guarantees you a quality result while facilitating leather maintenance.

Which Products to Choose for Dyeing Leather Shoes and Accessories?

Just like for your sofa or car seats, you won't choose the same products if you simply want to revive the original color or obtain a completely different shade. If you want to give your leather shoes a fresh look, tinted wax will be the best option.

Composed of a mixture of wax, dye, and water, this quality product is easy to apply thanks to its aerosol format. For a change in color, we recommend shoe paint instead. We offer a wide range of colors to satisfy all your desires (black, white, gray, red, or even orange).

Applying Leather Dye: Our Tips for a Perfect Finish

Dyeing a leather armchair or accessories is easily achievable at home. However, it's necessary to follow the instructions for each product to achieve a perfect result. Before applying leather dye, it's essential to prepare the area concerned. If you notice scratches or cracks, take care to repair them in advance with a specific product. Then, you will need to lightly sand the leather to remove any remaining varnish. This will allow the dye to adhere perfectly to the surface.

Also, remember to clean your armchair, shoes, or gloves properly before dyeing them. Finally, depending on the type of leather dye you use, you will need to apply a finishing varnish. The goal is to ensure greater longevity of your coloration and to protect your leather. For added simplicity, we offer a kit containing multiple products to renovate your leather armchairs or equipment.

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