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Dyeing the leather of your sofa

Can a leather sofa be dyed?

The question may seem legitimate, and complicated if you don't plan to use a professional. However, and although the task may seem complex at first glance, Sofolk confirms that it is entirely possible to dye your leather sofa at home. However, you must be careful to protect the space around your sofa and use suitable products for an optimal result.
The condition and type of leather of your sofa is also important and should be taken into account in your project.


Only suitable for touching up small depigmented / discoloured areas
Lightly sand and degrease before application
21 colours available
Product detail


Gives a very satisfying appearance, very close to the original touch
Direct application without hanging prefixes or fixatives, using a sponge or brush for hard-to-reach areas
Available colors: UNLIMITED
Product detail


Very high quality paint with fast drying
Very high scratch resistance. Remarkable adhesion power
Integrated satin varnish
22 colours available
Product detail


Greatly enhances the penetration of Pigment Dye into the leather
Highly recommended for oily leathers
Makes recolouring much safer
Product detail

Why do you need to dye a leather sofa?

A leather sofa is a top-of-the-range purchase that will accompany you for years to come, dressing your living room in an unparalleled aestheticism. A long lifespan that can involve several situations where you would like to adorn your leather sofa with a new dye:

A desire for change: Over the years, you may be led to modify your decoration, and thus wish to change the dye of your leather sofa to better correspond to your new expectations, while maintaining the same comfort of use. You might also want to dye a leather sofa that you have just recovered but which does not seem to your taste. In any case, a recolouring will give you the impression of a brand new leather sofa that will delight you.
Renovation: If your leather sofa is damaged, punctured, stained, or cracked, it may be necessary to recolour it to hide your repair work and complete your renovation. You will then have the possibility to choose a colour identical to the original one to make your leather sofa look like new, and to give it back all its shine.

How to re-colour the leather of a sofa?

With our Recolorant Pigmentary Leather, you can recolour all types of leather without having to ask yourself questions about their nature or finish: full grain, full hide, rectified leather, aniline leather, plunged lamb or cowhide, etc. Whether you want to return to the original colour or change colours, our Sofolk products will give you an incredible result and are easy to use.
Whatever your choice of product, it will be necessary to first degrease your leather sofa (acetone) before recolouring, and to apply a varnish or protective wax. These two essential steps guarantee you an impeccable finish, but also a long-lasting protection against repeated rubbing and household pollution. An effective way to prevent your colouring from quickly becoming dull.

Both products are also suitable for smooth leathers, but not for velvety materials. If you wish to recolour a nubuck sofa for example, we invite you to look at our specific solutions for your project, in order to order the right product and obtain the desired result.

How to apply the products to dye your leather sofa?

First of all, we advise you to protect the floor, but also the furniture near your leather sofa to avoid any splashes or unintentional volatile particles of re-colouring if you stay indoors. More generally, stain your leather sofa between 15°C and 25°C, and avoiding direct sunlight for an impeccable and streak-free finish.
For the Sofolk Leather Sofa Pigmentary Colouring, you apply the product with a foam roller, taking care to apply enough product to avoid streaks. You can also use a brush for creases and surfaces that are more difficult to access. After drying, all you have to do is apply a protective varnish to preserve your new colour.
As for Sofolk Leather Sofa Spray Recolorant, it is advisable to start your stain with a quick degreasing with acetone for a better adhesion of the colour on the leather. You can then take advantage of its constant flow jet to apply the stain on the whole surface of your sofa.
For these two products we invite you to be sure of the quantity of product you need to avoid a two-step dyeing process that could create a demarcation.
If you have the slightest question about the recolouring product to order, or its use, our teams are at your disposal by telephone, but also on our forum, to answer your questions and help you with the dyeing of your leather sofa. You will also find a FAQ about our re-colouring on our website.

Why choose Sofolk products to dye your leather sofa?

With more than 30 years of expertise, Sofolk develops quality renovation and recolouring products, designed for easy use and within everyone's reach. Moreover, the raw materials we use to design our leather sofa dye are identical to those used by tanners in their treatments. A professional range for a stunning result that will bring your leather sofa back to life. Sofolk products have been recommended several times by national magazines, but also by verified customer reviews, and are a quality commitment that is close to our hearts.

Shipped direct from the manufacturer in Bordeaux, our dyes are delivered to you as soon as possible. A fast delivery which allows you to organize yourself serenely to dye your leather sofa at home, even at the last moment. The French manufacture, as for it, offers you an incomparable know-how and top-of-the-range products for perfect leather sofa recolorations.

Sofolk is also a professional and expert service at your disposal, to accompany you in all your leather recolouring. You can count on our teams to give you expert advice over the phone thanks to our technical support, but also by messages via our forum where you can post photos of your leather sofa for more details. You will also find tutorials and explanatory pages, in addition to the FAQ mentioned above. A varied support to guide you through each step of your leather sofa colour, and to ensure you get the result you want.

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