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How to clean your leather sofa?

What products should I use to clean the leather of my sofa?

First of all, it is necessary to identify the nature of the damage in order to apply the right products and the right leather cleaning gestures.
For a light and regular cleaning of the leather, the Cleaning Oil will be perfect. The Sofolk cleaner / stain remover will be ideal for stubborn stains. Finally, the sebum cleaner will be suitable for particularly oily stains such as sebum.
If, despite all your efforts, your leather has not returned to a suitable condition, you will have no other solution than to recolour your leather to hide the stains or to apply a powerful cleaner that will discolour your material.



Powerful degreasing cleaner for leather, skai, fabric, alcantara, plastic, etc.
Ideal for regular cleaning of your sofa, car, shoes, etc.
Product detail


Concentrated and economical formula!
Economical refill for our leather cleaner / stain remover
Allows you to refill up to 4 times our 750ml sprayer.
Product detail


Cleaner, degreaser for leather sofa
Prevents cracks and crevices that would require repair and re-colouring
Ideal for a good maintenance of your seats 2 to 3 times a year
Product detail


Cleaner / degreaser that extracts sebum.
Product detail


Gentle degreasing cleaner for leather
Glycerine-rich soap, ideal for cleaning sofas, armchairs, upholstery (horse riding, motorbikes, boats), shoes, boots, etc.
Low-foaming and economical
No risk of leather discolouration
Product detail

For a simple regular cleaning of the leather, we recommend our Cleaning Oil. This non-aggressive product will remove impurities while rehydrating the leather. It is also possible to wet a washcloth with water and coat it with a little Marseille soap. Massage the leather, then rinse with clear water. Do not activate the drying process with a heat source (at the risk of hardening the leather), simply let it dry naturally.

In the presence of persistent stains, apply a non-aggressive leather cleaner (which will not discolour). For this we recommend our spray cleaner/stain remover. Spray on the stain. Leave to work for 2 minutes and rub gently with a clean, lint-free cloth. Repeat several times if necessary.

If there are traces of sebum that you usually find on the nape of the neck, armrests or the edge of seats, use our sebum cleaner. The sebum is stubborn, so it is necessary to repeat the operation several times. If at all possible, we recommend that you remove the dust from the leather and clean the flesh side of the leather as well.

Do not hesitate to contact us or to ask your questions on our forum.

How to clean a dirty leather sofa?

The longevity of your leather sofa depends on regular cleaning. In fact, preserving the quality of your leather with the right products is essential for an intact colour and durability. However, there are solutions if your leather sofa is now dirty and has lost its shine.

If your sofa is dirty but not damaged, you can carry out a simple but effective cleaning:

First of all, it is essential to dust your leather sofa. Using a clean damp cloth or chamois leather, you remove the dust from the entire surface of your sofa.
Then you can clean your leather sofa with Marseille soap diluted in a little water. For this solution, gently rub your leather sofa with a clean cloth, and let it dry naturally to avoid hardening the material. Be careful however not to dampen your laundry too much, and avoid cleaning a leather sofa with cleaning milk or any other product, to avoid further damage to your leather sofa. For an effective stain remover on stubborn stains, you can also use the Sofolk cleaning oil shown above.

If your leather sofa now looks clean, it is essential to nourish it thoroughly with our nourishing oil to restore its original suppleness and resistance.

More than just cleaning, a leather renovation may be necessary if your leather sofa is too damaged, especially if you are cleaning a white or light leather sofa. Cleaning a soiled and damaged leather sofa therefore requires several essential steps for a flawless finish:

Before applying a care product to the leather, it is important to sand down the strategic points of your sofa such as the seats, armrests and back support. A fine sandpaper is essential to break the varnish without damaging your leather.

You must then clean the sebum stains. These can show up as a trace of grease on the nape of the neck or the armrests of your sofa. Do not hesitate to clean these sometimes stubborn marks again with our specific cleaner until they disappear. Now that you have cleaned your leather sofa, you will ensure better adhesion of the final products on the material.

If your soiled leather is also very dry, you must nourish it generously to restore its shine. The total absorption of our food oil into the fibres of the leather takes about ten days, during which time you will have to wait for the next steps.

If it is not just a question of cleaning a leather sofa because it has scratches or cracks, it is important to repair them to give your leather sofa a second life. With our repair paste, you can fill in the missing leather with a spatula. This step will need to be renewed and sanded before a new application, as the product shrinks as it dries.

Cleaning a white or light-coloured leather sofa in depth sometimes requires a complete recolouring to make it look like new. You can contact us to find the desired colour on our colour chart. Then simply apply it with a brush or spray gun, taking care to cover your furniture around it.

Finally, it is important to protect your new colouring with a varnish that will protect it from rubbing and waterproof the leather. To preserve the colour, you can reapply it twice a year for a perfect finish at all times.

Finally, to perfect the cleaning of your sofa, you can apply our food oil for a soft and resistant leather. An operation to be repeated once every three months to keep the appearance of your leather sofa intact.

After cleaning your leather sofa, you will find the comfort and charm of this noble material. An element of character that you must however maintain regularly to keep it in good condition.

Why choose Sofolk products to clean your sofa?

Since 1989, Sofolk has been developing its products with the same raw materials as the tanneries. Solutions made in France and designed with the same logic as the product we treat. A quality that promises you a perfect finish when you clean your leather sofa, and an in-depth care for a long-lasting beneficial effect on your leather sofa.

Sofolk products are accessible to all, easy to use, you can clean your leather sofa with ease. For the most delicate renovations, an online diagnosis, or a single question, Sofolk will accompany you and advise you. With technical support available by telephone (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 6pm), and a forum where you can send us photos of your leather sofa, our teams are at your disposal to best meet your needs.

Sofolk offers you reliable products but also tailor-made kits which adapt to your situation with colours identical to the original ones of your leather sofas. We put colour charts at your disposal, you can also send us a sample to find the pigmentation that perfectly matches your leather sofa. The express delivery of your order will allow you a quick care that will meet your expectations. Quoted in several magazines, and recommended by customers, the products to clean your Sofolk leather sofa will not disappoint you.

More than a brand, Sofolk puts more than thirty years of expertise at your service for the cleaning of your leather sofa. A commitment to quality that we make with each of our customers, and a French pride, at an attractive price. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or any other request, our teams will be delighted to guide you through our various products and help you with the cleaning of your leather sofa.

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