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Repair of boat leather upholstery

Tearing, scratching, cracking... Your leather furniture is fragile and can easily be damaged over time if it is not properly maintained. 
At Sofolk, we have developed a range of leather repair products specially designed for leather upholstery of nautical furniture (boats, yachts, sailboats...). Enjoy products that are easy to use and offer professional quality that will bring your leather back to life. Leather upholstery repair paste, boat upholstery healing or leather upholstery softener: our products have been developed to meet your needs.

Products to repair leather



  BOATS Leather upholstery
a unique and exclusive Sofolk product
Allows to reposition the raised leather parts without blisters (scratches), glues without leaving traces, and disappears into the grain of the leather.
Repairs a notch or an open snag by welding both edges
To make the tear or cut invisible, continue the operation by applying the repair paste and re-colouring.
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  BOATS Leather upholstery
Repairs scratches, cracks, cuts, holes on the leather uphosltery
Sand well before applying so that the Pigment Colouring Agent covers the white traces of the paste.
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  BOATS Leather upholstery
Allows the repair of a tear up to a maximum of 30cm, for a larger size, ask us.
Any repairs to open tears or holes require the addition of a piece of leather as a support for the paste.
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  BOATS Leather upholstery
To restore the leather to its original softness
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Why repair a leather covering?

Over time, use and weather conditions, the leather of your nautical furniture deteriorates. It can be torn in places, scratched or even cracked. Too often, the entire bench, armchair or sunbathing surface is changed at very high prices. However, most of the time, leather can be repaired without any particular constraints. The only condition? Use quality products that will repair your leather but also protect it over time. Repairing only the damaged part of the leather will save you time and money.

How do I repair my marine leather upholstery?

At Sofolk, we believe that quality should not be reserved for professionals only. This is why we have developed a complete range of leather repair products for private individuals that take over the properties of professional products while guaranteeing simplified use. Scratch, tear, crack, cut, cut, hole: whatever problem you have with your leather covering, we have the solution to repair it. The method of use of our products is described on each of the product sheets. Usually, it only takes a few steps to find your original leather. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to visit our support forum. You will find the answers you are looking for and, if not, you can publish your question there for the benefit of our entire community. We will respond as soon as possible.

Leather repair tips

We recommend that you always test the repair product on a small area to ensure that it does not damage your leather... Always apply Sofolk products to a perfectly clean coating by first dusting it with a cloth. Finally, the repair of your leather covering must be completed by regular maintenance. For this purpose, we offer a range of care products for boat leather.

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