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Professional products for a lasting repair of imitation leather / leatherette on your sofas and armchairs

Until now, there has been no product available to repair cracks or scratches on a synthetic surface such as leatherette, imitation leather, vinyl or polyurethane / polyester. In order to meet this important demand and to restore the appearance of your seats and armchairs, we have developed in our workshops the REPASKAÏ that you will find below.
Of pasty consistency, the REPASKAÏ becomes hard as it dries. This product replaces the part of the coating that has been torn off by a snag or scratch. This product also fills cracks, making it ideal for restoring the beauty and comfort of your seats. Intended for repairing a cracked or torn imitation leather sofa, this product is particularly effective and durable.


To fill and repair small cracks, scratches, snags and superficial cuts
Available in BLACK or WHITE
Product detail

Perforated imitation leather sofa: what to do?

Depending on the use of your imitation leather sofa and its quality, wear and tear may occur more or less quickly. In order to effectively repair and restore the beauty of your furniture, we have a category of products that are perfectly adapted and of very good quality. Designed to repair cracked and damaged imitation leather, our products are easy to apply and guarantee a perfect hold over time.
Our products can be used on various synthetic materials, making them the ideal solution for restoring the beauty of your salon. The wear and tear of your imitation leather or leatherette sofas can be solved by using the right products.

Act quickly to repair your sofa

A clumsiness can happen and damage your seat or your leatherette sofa. Simulated leather is less resistant than leather upholstery and is therefore more likely to be damaged. As soon as you notice damage to your sofa, it is essential to react quickly to prevent the damage from getting worse: enlarging the hole or tear. To repair a tear or tear in your imitation leather seat, it is therefore important to use the right product quickly to restore the original appearance and to protect your seat as well as possible.

How to repair a torn imitation leather sofa?

To repair your sofa damaged by scratches or even holes, it is important to follow several steps:
- Clean the surface to be repaired
- Repair the damaged area
- Apply a fixing varnish

Before applying the product to repair a damaged imitation leather sofa, it is therefore essential to thoroughly clean the area in question. This cleaning will allow you to obtain the best possible result and restore the original beauty of your sofa.
Once the cleaning step has been completed, you can start applying the appropriate product to close the hole you have found. It is important to carry out this step correctly to obtain the best possible result. With our easy-to-apply products, you can easily repair your leatherette sofa.
The finish of your repair is also important to avoid unpleasant surprises. In fact, for the repair of your sofa to last over time, it is essential to apply a varnish to ensure that the product you have applied beforehand is properly fixed. A good finish to the repair of your sofa will also help to prevent the hole from reopening.

How long does it take to repair your sofa?

To ensure that the products are perfectly applied, you should wait a minimum amount of time before reusing your sofa. To obtain the best possible result, you should therefore wait the minimum time indicated on your product so that your repair is solid and will last over time. A drying time must also be respected between the repair stage and the application of the fixing varnish so that your imitation leather sofa is perfectly repaired.

Is it possible to repair the leatherette of a sofa that peels?
It is essential to bear in mind that repairing synthetic materials is not as easy as for leather. The material of your sofa can peel for several reasons:

- The wear and tear of the sofa: the original varnish has disappeared, the material is raw, exposed in direct contact with rubbing.
- Your sofa is not of good quality: the material disintegrates even though your sofa is only 1 or 2 years old.

Repairing a badly damaged skai sofa may not give a satisfactory result, especially when it is of poor quality. In order to obtain the best possible result, we therefore recommend a complete re-colouring using our solvent-based leatherette paint and its primer, which you will find in the imitation leather nautical upholstery section.

What are the criteria for choosing a repair product?

In order to achieve the best possible result, it is important to choose the right repair product. Depending on the colour and material of your seat or sofa, you will be able to find the right product from our wide range of quality products. If you are not sure of your choice, you can send us a sample so that we can find the most suitable product.
Making the right choice to repair your sofa is an essential element to avoid unpleasant surprises and you will find yourself with a sofa with a non-homogenous colour afterwards. Before making your choice, do not hesitate to take into account all the colour and material criteria in order to restore the original aspect of your sofa.

Can a leatherette sofa be restored?

If it is possible to repair a hole in a leatherette sofa, it is also possible to restore it. Indeed, if you buy an old sofa or if you take a sofa out of your cellar, a renovation will probably be necessary. Just like a repair, it is therefore important to clean and prepare the sofa well to restore it to its former glory. We also offer you products particularly adapted to give back to your imitation leather sofa its original aspect. In order to restore it in the best possible way, it will also be necessary to follow all the steps and to use products adapted to the material and colour of the sofa.

Caring for your sofa: an essential point

If you can't foresee an accident and thus a deterioration of your sofa, it is essential to take care of it and maintain it as much as possible in order to limit its wear and tear. Being of lower quality than a real leather sofa, the imitation leather sofa must therefore be protected at best. To protect and maintain all your furniture as well as possible, we propose you other quality products to keep the original aspect of your sofa as long as possible. A good regular maintenance will allow you to keep your sofa with its original shine for longer.
In spite of your efforts, it can happen a small accident that you must repair as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse and damaging your sofa for a long time. Whether it is cracked, chipped, torn or scratched by a cat, you will be able to make up for the damage thanks to our quality products, which are suitable for all materials. In order to choose the product best suited to the colour and material of your sofa or seat, do not hesitate to consult us and find their original aspect. For an old leatherette sofa, you also have the possibility to update it with our products adapted to sofa restoration.

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