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Recolouring leather upholstery boat

As a result of being used and in contact with the sun, the leather of boat seats, sunbeds or armchairs fades and wears out. 

Rather than renewing your marine upholstery, why not re-colour it to revive the colour and give it a new lease of life? Discover without delay our range of pigment recolourants packaged in cans or aerosols with an unlimited choice of colours. 

Choose from our proposed shades or send us a sample so that we can create a 100% custom shade. You can also give us the reference of a color from our paper color chart to enjoy a personalized color.

Products to recolour leather


Gives a very satisfying appearance, very close to the original touch
Direct application without hanging prefixes or fixatives, using a sponge or brush for hard-to-reach areas
Available colors: UNLIMITED
Product detail

Why re-colour a leather covering?

If your leather bench is dull and has lost colour, be aware that this is an inevitable phenomenon of wear and tear. The latter is particularly important on nautical furniture, since the leather is in direct contact with the sun. Recolouring leather is the most economical and appropriate solution to revive the colour of your leather bench.

How do I re-colour my marine leather upholstery?

To re-dye your leather upholstery, choose Sofolk professional quality. Our products are designed for all types of leather for your boat furniture and ensure optimal results while protecting your leather over the long term. 

You can choose from a wide range of colours. If the colour of your leather is special, please note that we can send you a custom colour. For this purpose, we need in this case a small sample, or the reference of a color from our paper color chart.

Leather recolouring tips

Our recolouring products do not require a hanging pre-fabric and no colour fixative. It is simply necessary to clean your leather thoroughly beforehand, then protect your colour with our silky varnish or our high-performance marine varnish. 
The method of use of our products is described on each of the product sheets, and a complete and detailed explanatory leaflet is slipped into your package to allow you to recolour your leather without any problem. 
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult our forum. You will find the answers you are looking for.

We recommend that you test the recolouring agent on a small area to ensure that it does not damage your leather. Always apply Sofolk products to perfectly clean leather. Finally, the recolouring of your leather covering must be completed by regular maintenance. For this purpose, we offer a range of care products for boat leather.

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