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Renovate boat Leatherette upholstery

Nautical furniture upholstery made of imitation leather must be maintained regularly.

Stains, wear and other moulds can appear more quickly on board a boat, so it is essential to have high-performance products for the maintenance of skai. With 30 years of experience in the renovation of leather upholstery for boats, we have developed a range of products for professionals intended for individuals so that they can enjoy the best products on the market, while ensuring very simple use.

A range of professional products to maintain leatherette for boats

Our products are intended for the renovation of nautical leatherette upholstery.

This material, highly coveted in the nautical world, is also called "imitation leather" or "imitation leather". Renovating your nautical upholstery is within everyone's reach, as our technology and products are so easy to use. On the other hand, the cost of a renovation is generally 5 to 10 times lower than a change of upholstery! Why hesitate?

Our product range will allow you to repair, recolour, protect and maintain the leather of your benches, captain's seats, sunbeds and all the elements whose leather covering needs to be maintained. Whether you own a motor boat, a sailboat or a yacht, your nautical furniture deserves the best for its maintenance. 

Cleaning leatherette

On board a boat, moulds tend to appear quickly due to the ambient humidity. Our cleaning products for imitation leather boats have been designed to treat and clean thoroughly, without damaging the surface.

Repair leatherette

If your leather bench is damaged, scratched or cracked, you should be aware that it is not necessarily necessary to change the entire covering. A much cheaper and just as effective solution is to provide you with one of our simulated upholstery repair products.

Marine upholstery paint

With the sun, synthetic coatings may tend to lose their original colour over time. Our nautical upholstery paints in imitation leather give your benches or leather armchairs their full brilliance while protecting them from UV rays for better long-term performance.

Varnish for leatherette

Our high resistance and anti-UV varnishes for your imitation leather upholstery extend the life of your imitation leather upholstery. However, it is also possible to use them on leather. Our products are enriched with an anti-UV additive to preserve the brightness of the colours for longer.

Leatherette Care 

Anticipate discolouration or wear by regularly maintaining your leatherette upholstery with our maintenance products for your nautical upholstery. They are essential on board!

Completes kit for leatherette

Choose the quality for your leatherette benches with our renovation kits for leather and vinyl upholstery for boats.

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