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Paints for leatherette: sofas, armchairs

How to (re)paint a leather or polyurethane sofa?

With Sofolk's expertise, recolouring your leatherette or polyurethane sofa is possible without leaving your home, and without any particular skills in painting or synthetic materials such as imitation leather, leatherette or polyurethane. Our products, accessible to all, ensure you an exceptional result thanks to quality formulas and a few simple steps to follow. You can also benefit from the expert advice of our teams at any time.


Water-based paint for leather / imitation leather
This product can be delivered in the same color as Leather Pigment Dye or plastic paint
Product detail


Very high quality paint with fast drying
Very high scratch resistance. Remarkable adhesion power
With integrated satin varnish
21 colours available
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Why recolour your imitation leather sofa?

If your imitation leather sofa is too damaged, a complete renovation of its surface may require recolouring to restore the pleasure and charm of its daily use. Indeed, if it has too many scratches or scratches, or if the wear and tear of the years has simply worn away its original shine, the application of Sofolk Repairer necessarily involves re-dyeing in order to hide the various repairs carried out. As this product is available in black or white, re-colouring is the only way to restore a uniform colour over the entire surface. In the same way, if the colour of your sofa has become dull due to repeated rubbing, it is essential to recolour it to restore its original aesthetics and enjoy a uniform colour again.
Giving a new dye to your imitation leather living room can also be an opportunity to harmonise it more with your new decoration, or to make this room with its incomparable aesthetics evolve according to your desires. You then have the impression of discovering a new living room, for a lower price which only corresponds to the new dye used, and not to the purchase of new furniture. Whether it is a second hand sofa in good condition, or your own, a recolouring with our Sofolk products will certainly give it a second youth with a good application.

Sofolk leatherette or leatherette paint

Specially developed for synthetic materials, our Sofolk paint is very easy to use and therefore within everyone's reach. This quality product allows you to recolour plastic coverings such as imitation leather, leatherette, polyurethane or vinyl, with an ideal coverage that respects the surface of your sofa and ensures a long-lasting result. Moreover, this recolouring product is water-based, so there is no risk of irritation or danger to the skin at the time of application.
Before applying our Sofolk imitation leather and leatherette paint, it is important to prepare the material of your sofa or armchair in order to obtain a homogeneous recolouring on the whole surface. For this purpose, it is advisable to lightly sand the surface with fine sandpaper and light pressure, not exceeding the weight of your hand, so as not to damage the material. This step must imperatively be carried out on all the parts to be recoloured of your imitation leather sofa, as it allows the removal of the remaining original varnish, and thus ensures a better adherence of the paint on your leatherette living room.
Then, and always with the aim of obtaining a uniform result, it is essential to degrease your imitation leather or leatherette sofa with acetone. This very effective solvent removes traces of sebum and eliminates household pollution from the material, as well as the residual dust due to the sanding you have done beforehand. Using a clean paper towel, you can clean your sofa in a single pass on the less exposed areas, and in two or three passes on the areas that are subject to the most stress, such as the armrests, the top of the backrests at the headrest, and also the seats. It is important to note that acetone is a powerful product that degreases the surface of your imitation leather sofa very well, but also discolours it. It is therefore perfectly normal to see demarcations appear on the colour of your furniture at this stage. However, these will disappear immediately thanks to the covering power of the new dye when you recolour.
Finally, you apply the re-colourant with a high-density foam roller after shaking the canister well. It is advisable to cross the strips of paint you make for perfect coverage. Depending on the chosen colour and the original colour, especially if the latter are light colours, a second coat may be necessary. In this case, a drying time of at least 4 hours and ideally 24 hours should be respected. You can, however, use the hair dryer to speed up the drying of your paint and save time on your finish. In this case, we advise you to start with hot air and finish with cold air for an optimal result.
In order to preserve your new colour for a long time, and once the paint is perfectly dry, it is essential to apply a Sofolk Clear Skai Varnish which will keep the material, but also the colour of your sofa intact for several months, despite the repeated rubbing it undergoes on a daily basis. This protection also allows you to choose the finish of your sofa with three formulas: matt, glossy or satin. A multiple choice for very different aspects that follow your desires and your interior decoration. If you are not sure of the desired finish, you should know that the satin finish is most often used in leather and imitation leather furniture. By choosing the latter, you have all the chances to recover the original aspect of your imitation leather sofa.

The Imitation Leather and Sofolk leatherette paint: a product which suits all your imitation leather pieces.

Apart from your living room sofa, our Sofolk plastic paint can also be used for many other applications in your everyday life, restoring the aesthetics of the various rooms you cherish:

- Your clothes and accessories in the dressing room: bags, jackets, trousers, boots etc.
- Your furnishings in the living room: armchairs, sofas, chairs, sofas, ornaments, etc.
- Your surfaces in the car: steering wheel, seats, side panels, leather dashboards, leather sun visor, gear lever, handbrake, etc.
- The saddles and upholstery of your motorbike or boat: we strongly recommend our nautical leatherette paint for materials exposed to the elements.

Whatever the part being re-coloured, it is important to proceed with your new stain with the assurance of having enough product for the entire surface concerned. Indeed, a two-step staining process could leave an unsightly demarcation. Our paint is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, and 2 litre cans. If you are not sure of the quantity to order for your project, our Sofolk teams are available to guide you in your purchase and take stock of your needs, so that you can recolour optimally and without any unexpected problems. In the case of a made-to-measure colour, we keep the reference number of your order for one month to make up for any shortfall as quickly as possible.

An unlimited choice of colours for the recolouring of your leatherette sofa.

- You will have to choose a new colour for your imitation leather or leatherette sofa when you are planning your project. To adapt to all your desires, Sofolk has developed an unlimited choice of colours to provide you with a dye that will inevitably suit you. To achieve this, we put at your disposal several tools to find the perfect colour that will sublimate your living room:
Standard colours: a choice of 22 standard colours, all of which are available for immediate production and therefore ensure faster delivery of your new stain.
Manufacturers' colour charts: the 12 colour charts available, including the one from Sofolk and Ral, allow you to simply order the original colour of your sofa from the major manufacturers' brands. This is an effective way of restoring your imitation leather or leatherette living room to its former glory.
Custom colour: if we do not have the colour reference of your sofa, but you still wish to find the pleasure of its original colour, it is possible to send us a sample of at least 1.2cm2 of it. By removing the "cleaning cloth" under the frame, you can take the necessary material for a sample, without damaging the aesthetics of your imitation leather or leatherette sofa. As soon as we receive this model, we will create the corresponding customised shade and send it to you within 3 to 7 working days.
These varied possibilities offer you the assurance of a stain that perfectly matches your expectations. What's more, Sofolk's commitment to constant quality promises you a colour with an exceptional finish, whatever the colour you choose for your new colouring. In addition, this product can also be ordered in the same colour as Sofolk Pigmentary Recolourant for plastic and leather, giving you even more possibilities.

A very simple re-colouring method

As mentioned above, our Sofolk Imitation Leather and Skai Paint contains a water-based formula that binds to the material without the need for a primer, precoat or colour fixative. This saves you time on your re-colouring, without compromising the quality of the result after drying.
Moreover, whatever treatment your imitation leather receives, whether it is fireproof or UV resistant, our product will set without difficulty as long as you follow the sanding and degreasing steps detailed above. In the same way, our paint can be applied to natural leather with the same final finish. A detail that can be of prime importance if you are not sure which material was used to make your sofa or armchair.
You can also use Sofolk Nautical Upholstery Paint Skaï, Imitation Leather and Vinyl, which is a solvent version of this product. Available in aerosol form, it is particularly resistant to external aggressions and bad weather. With remarkable adhesion and superior rub resistance, this paint provides you with a covering power that respects the grain of the material and retains its colour, as well as your imitation leather, in a durable manner.

Why choose Sofolk products to stain your imitation leather sofa?

With Sofolk, over 30 years of expertise is at your service to recolour your imitation leather and leatherette sofa. Our products, used by professionals, ensure you an incomparable quality thanks to the top-of-the-range formulas that we elaborate for you. Easy to use, our products allow you to re-dye your vinyl or polyurethane living room with ease. In fact, you don't need any particular knowledge of painting or DIY to apply our imitation leather paint. You follow simple steps, and recolour your sofa in the colour of your choice, without leaving your home.
Made in France, Sofolk products are the result of an unrivalled know-how that is particularly close to our hearts. This is a pride that allows you to be delivered in a few days, directly from the manufacturer located in Bordeaux. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that a made-to-measure colour requires additional manufacturing time. If it is an urgent project, you can of course contact us, and our teams will see with you the different possibilities.
In addition to quality products, Sofolk is above all a service dedicated to the care of your imitation leather parts. Our telephone service is at your disposal to answer all your questions, and accompany you in your recolouring project for the quantity to order, the product to choose, or advice on how to use it. You can also ask our team on our forum so that you can post photos of your sofa or armchair in imitation leather, and thus obtain personalised and precise recommendations on your situation. You will also find on our site many tutorials and FAQs to help you in the new colouring of your imitation leather living room, as well as informative pages detailing the products or particularities of the synthetic materials in your furniture. Sofolk offers you a wide range of support to help you make the most of our products.
Finally, our customers are undoubtedly in the best position to talk about our products and advise you. On our site you can consult the various positive opinions we have verified, as well as testimonials from several customers on their use of Sofolk products. Feedback to which we attach a lot of importance in order to always offer you the best solutions for the recolouring of your imitation leather sofa. You will also find on our site publications published in national magazines quoting our brand for the renovation of your leather or imitation leather furniture. A pride that we strive to maintain by offering you quality products at the best price, and above all accessible to all!

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