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How do you determine the colour of the leather or imitation leather of your vehicle?

The first thing to do is to look in your vehicle documents if this information is indicated somewhere. Look for some car manufacturers such as Porsche or BMW where the colour code is indicated on a metal plate under the bonnet of the engine or on the driver's door. Look for the TRIM code.
Always for Porsche and BMW we provide you with a table of correspondence between the colour code and the name of the colour: BMW colour codes, PORSCHE colour codes
You may also be able to glean information on the internet, in specialist forums.

If your search is lucky, you may just as well provide us with a small sample of the colour to be taken from a hidden part. More information here about sending a sample. 

Finally, as a last resort, it is possible to order our colour chart here.

IMPORTANT : we strongly advise against choosing a colour from a screen, unless you wish to order black, white or an approximate colour. Indeed, the representation of colours varies considerably from one screen to another...  On this same principle, avoid sending us photos, we will unfortunately not be able to help you.

I know the name of the colour of my car interior: how do I order?

The first thing to do is make sure we referenced your color. To do this, do a search and check its presence in our car manufacturer colour chart here. pigmentary colouring or from a car seat leather renovation kit.
If you have not found your colour, sending a sample or the colour chart as indicated above are the only alternatives.

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