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Steering wheel, car seats, shift knob, plastics, etc.

It is possible to renovate the entire cabin of your car!

Even very damaged or torn, Sofolk accompanies you in the renovation of your leather or leatherette interior. Trust over 30 years of experience in leather, leatherette and even plastic.

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How do I renovate my leather or leatherette seats?

Are your seats discolored? Or even worse, your seats are torn, cracked, cracked? Do you want to change the colour of your car interior to personalise it or change its finish? Consult our renovation kits for leather car seats !

How do you repair a torn leather car seat?

Torn, punctured or torn, the leather can be repaired without too much difficulty. Depending on your project, Sofolk will guide you on different products: liquid leather, healing glue, piece of leather to plug a hole, leather tear repair kit, etc. And to make sure you're not mistaken, many leather interior renovation tutorials are available.

How to paint a damaged leather steering wheel?

Has your steering wheel lost its color due to abrasion? Our Renovation kit for leather steering wheel perfectly meets your needs! Choose your colour from our leather colour chart from the main car manufacturers or opt for custom-made and bring your steering wheel back to life. It is even possible to completely change the flying colour if you feel like it! Be creative!

How do I care for my leather car interior?

The protection and care of your leather seats and benches is crucial to their life span. Leather that is regularly nourished and protected will last much longer. You will find at Sofolk all the essential leather care products

How do I protect my leather or leatherette car seats?

The seats of your synthetic or natural leather seats need oil, varnish or wax to resist the passage of time and friction. The driver's seat being the most used, it requires maintenance every quarter.

How do I take care of my leatherette car seats?

Are the seats in your vehicle starting to depigment or are they becoming dry and brittle? Do you want to loosen your bench seat or one of the seats? Here you will find our most effective and versatile stain remover on the market. Whatever your problem is, we offer high-performance leatherette care products.

Why choose Sofolk to restore my leather or alternative leather car interior?

Sofolk is also a network of many professional partners who trust our expertise in the field of leather seat renovation. Sofolk products are so effective and easy to use that you will have no trouble renovating all your surfaces in tanned or imitation leather, vinyl, etc...

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