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Complete or partial car renovation

Your car is made up of various elements that are subject to inevitable wear and tear: steering wheel, seats car, gear lever knob, plastics, rims, bodywork etc.
Regular rubbing and possible shocks leave marks and you regret the comfort and aesthetics of your car in its early days. However, it is possible to renovate a large part of your vehicle on your own at home !

Even when badly damaged or torn, Sofolk will help you to renovate your interior (in leather, leatherette, alcantara, fabric or plastic), but also to maintain your bodywork and your carpet. You can rely on more than thirty years of experience, which Sofolk places at your service for optimal restoration or maintenance of your car. Whether it's the steering wheel of a car, a Ferrari car seat, the rims of a Porsche, or the carpet of a Peugeot, our products guarantee a quality finish and adapt to your needs.

How can I renovate my leather or leatherette seats?

Your seats are discoloured ? Or even worse, your seats are torn, cracked? You want to change the colour of your car interior to personalise it or change its finish? With our renovation kits for leather car seats, you can start restoring them with ease. The different Sofolk kits for leather or leatherette seats adapt to your needs, whether it's a simple colour touch-up or an in-depth renovation.

With unlimited colours, Sofolk offers you a leather renovation kit for a result that perfectly matches your expectations. If you wish to make a partial renovation (a specific area of your seat, or just one of the two front seats), we advise you to order enough products for both front seats. In fact, in the interests of consistency, many of our customers end up completing their first order...

How to repair a torn leather car seat?

Torn, punctured or torn off, the leather can be easily repaired with our productss. Depending on your situation, we can direct you to different products:

  • The leather healing glue: a healing glue that allows you to remove snags if the edges of the open leather are clean enough. This prevents the leather from deteriorating further and prevents your car seat from being completely re-coloured.
  • The leather repair paste Leather: a liquid leather that allows you to repair even the largest tears in your car seats. With a spatula, you apply the paste to simply fill the lack of leather. This product, which shrinks as it dries, must be sanded and applied several times for a smooth finish before recolouring.
  • The Leather Car Seat Tear Repair Kit : a kit consisting of fine sandpaper, Sofolk Repair Paste and a piece of leather for a solid repair of your car seat.

How to paint a damaged leather steering wheel?

A leather steering wheel is an undeniable aesthetic detail and above all offers you real driving comfort. However, its very frequent use, and the rubbing it involves, shows signs of wear that you want to restore: faded steering wheel, scratched or perforated leather, etc. Your leather steering wheel requires regular care and suitable products. With this in mind, Sofolk has created the Leather Steering Wheel Renovation Kit consisting of a Silk Varnish for leather, fine sandpaper, a Leather Repair Paste and a Leather Pigment Recolouring Paste. The latter can be of any colour and you will find, on the Sofolk website, the colour charts of the different car manufacturers in order to find the colour that corresponds exactly to your car model, for an optimal restoration. A renovation that can therefore just as well be the occasion for a change of style if you opt for a different colour from the original. An opportunity to modify your car at a lower cost and to rediscover the pleasure of a renovated leather on your steering wheel.

How do I care for and protect my leather or fabric car interior?

The protection and care of your leather seats and benches are crucial to their life span. To ensure that your leather is shiny and supple, quarterly care is important. Sofolk offers you, to this end, various products adapted to your needs: a nourishing oil, a silky varnish or a protective wax.

For the cleaning and maintenance of your fabric seats and benches, you will find on the Sofolk website a powerful Stain Remover and a Waterproofing agent that provides long-lasting protection.

How to renovate and maintain a plastic dashboard?

Your dashboard may show scratches or traces of fat over time. Whether you want to restore your car to its original condition or change its style, Sofolk offers you a whole range of products dedicated to the different plastic parts of your car, inside and outside: steering wheel, centre console, door handles, glove box, but also hubcaps, mirrors, etc. After filling in your scratches, our plastic paint offers perfect grip and hold, which you can choose from our colour charts.

Our site also offers you numerous articles for cleaning, maintaining and protecting your car plastics: Sofolk Stain Remover to effectively remove greasy stains, Sofolk Polish Cleaner for a new shine, Sofolk Plastic Varnish for long-lasting protection of these surfaces, etc. A range of reliable products for a renovated interior without dismantling any accessories. Cleaning a car's plastic has never been so easy!

How do I clean a car carpet?

By definition, the carpet in your vehicle is subject to various types of rubbing and recurring dirt. Sofolk Carpet Cleaner is easy to use and allows you to thoroughly clean your carpets and floor mats. After vacuuming, a foam spray should be applied to your carpet. Then simply scrub in a circular motion with a hard bristle brush and wipe with a microfibre cloth after ten minutes of rest.

To protect your carpet after cleaning, you can also use Sofolk Universal Waterproofing, which will act against both moisture and dirt. A kit containing these two products for your vehicle's carpet is also available on our website for complete maintenance.

Care for the bodywork and aesthetics of your car with Sofolk

What products can be used to clean aluminium rims?

Your vehicle's aluminum wheels tend to get dirty quickly over the course of kilometres. For a car that is always impeccable, Sofolk offers you products direct from the manufacturer for cleaning and protecting your rims:

  • The Magic Sponge Bio Rubber: without solvent, this sponge eliminates dust and restores shine to your rims at a very attractive price.
  • The Auto Aluminium Wheel Cleaner: this powerful degreaser is used by car tuners. Easy to use, it allows you to clean quickly and efficiently.
  • Liquid Aluminium Aerosol: this multi-function product can protect your exhaust pipe from corrosion or transform your metal rims into aluminium rims, with optimal protection.
  • Car/Motorcycle Aluminium Rim Varnish: this protective varnish is transparent and resistant to washing your car with high pressure jets.
You will also find, on our site, the Aluminium Wheel Renovation Kit which contains the Cleaner and the Varnish at a very attractive price.

Why choose Sofolk to restore my leather car interior or general car care?

Sofolk is first and foremost an expert team that will accompany you throughout your renovation but also for questions related to the maintenance of your vehicle. Our numerous tutorials guide you step by step, and we are always ready to listen to you by phone and on our forum where you can share your photos for ever more precise advice.

Sofolk: thirty years of leather expertise, accessible to all

Sofolk products have been developed by taking up several elements used in tannery to offer you an exceptional result on each treatment. Easy to use, our articles are your best ally for a complete restoration or maintenance of the leather, or alternative leather, of your vehicle. We put our expertise at your service at an attractive price for reliable products that allow you to renovate your car, at home, with ease.

Extensive excellence with our partnerships

Seager to fully satisfy your needs and to offer you a complete offer for a complete restoration, Sofolk develops, or selects, top-of-the-range products that adapt to all the other surfaces of your car. Plastic, rims, fabric, carpet, etc., you will find on our site a wide range of items that will satisfy you and give your vehicle the desired shine.

Sofolk is also French-made products and fast delivery recommended by our customers. An optimal service for your car, and expert assistance at the best price.

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