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Cleaning leather car seats

If you have chosen a car with leather seats, you should be aware that you will have to take care of it. Indeed, leather is a very comfortable but also very fragile material that requires regular maintenance. For this purpose, we offer various products to clean, repair and protect the leather of your seats and steering wheel as well as possible.

Below you will find our range of products for cleaning car leather. Applied to your car seats, our stain remover is ideal for removing all stubborn and stubborn stains.


  AUTOMOBILE Car Leather Renovation
Cleaner for leather car seats but also letherette, alcantara, fabric, microfibres.
Maximum efficiency, without discolouration of the leather.
Very convenient for cleaning bi-material seats.
Product detail

  AUTOMOBILE Car Leather Renovation
Cleaner, degreaser for leather car seats
Prevents cracks and crevices that would require repair and re-colouring
Ideal for a good maintenance of your seats 2 to 3 times a year
Product detail

What products should I use to clean leather in car seats?

The driver's leather car seat is particularly stressed and often requires more particular attention than the rest of the vehicle. In order to avoid excessive soiling in the medium term, it is therefore essential to clean the car leather regularly. To guarantee effective cleaning of your seats, Sofolk offers you a whole range of products best suited to the type and condition of the leather.
The choice of leather cleaning product for your vehicle will also depend on your habits. For meticulous people who regularly take care of their leather, Cleaning Oil will be the ideal product because it gently cleans and deeply nourishes. For those who clean their leather only once in a while, it is preferable in this case to use mono-function products, i.e. a powerful cleaner, which will be able to remove the dirt accumulated over time.

The stain remover for leather car seats

To remove stains from your car seats without discolouring them, we offer a stain remover specially adapted to clean without aggression. This seat stain remover can be used on different materials: leather, leatherette, alcantara, fabric, microfibres. With this product, you can easily clean, stain and degrease your leather seats and steering wheel without damaging their colour. Simple to apply, this Sofolk product will be ideal for the regular maintenance of your leather interior.

Leather cleaning oil

The application of maintenance products on the leather seats of your car is a point not to be neglected in order to preserve the beauty and comfort of your car. 2 to 3 times a year, you can apply this cleaning oil to remove all stains and restore the original strength and shine to your leather seats. Very simple to use, it will allow you to clean and protect the most stressed areas of your leather seats.

How do I clean leather car seats?

In order to meet all your needs, Sofolk offers you different products to clean the leather of your car efficiently. The use is particularly simple as you only need to spread the products with a cloth to remove all traces. For best results, the product should be left to soak in the microfibres for a sufficient period of time so that the leather becomes soft and comfortable again.In order to choose the most suitable product for cleaning car leather, it is important to identify your needs and the type of leather you need to maintain. We have endeavoured to develop products that are easy to use so that you can clean your leather seats and steering wheel yourself.

Why choose Sofolk products to clean the leather seats of your car?

For more than 30 years, Sofolk has been offering quality products for car leather renovation. This fragile material requires the use of adapted products on a regular basis. Indeed, the more the leather is mobilised, the more it will lose its robustness and tend to be damaged. Moreover, you are not safe from a clumsiness that could damage your seats. To avoid premature wear and tear and to preserve the original lustre of your leather seats as much as possible, you can trust the various leather products we offer.
If you have difficulty choosing from our range, we can help you find the most suitable products to effectively clean the leather of your car seats and restore all the shine to the interior of your car. All you need to do is send us a photo or a small sample so that we can determine which products are the best. You can also request a quotation for a fully personalised car leather cleaning kit directly from us via the internet.

Products designed for all types of leather

In order to remove unfortunate stains and marks left over time, it is therefore important to use the products best suited to the type of leather in your car seats. Sofolk offers a wide range of products to meet different needs and allow you to give your car a second youth. To prevent the leather of your seats or steering wheel from being damaged too quickly, it should be maintained regularly. Depending on the use of your car, it is therefore advisable to apply car leather cleaning products at least 2 to 3 times a year.These products will allow you to maintain the original appearance of your vehicle as well as possible, but also to enjoy real driving comfort. Good cleaning and maintenance has an aesthetic objective but also provides safety for the driver. With Sofolk products, you will be able to carry out the most effective cleaning while restoring the solidity of your leather seats.

Remove all stains with Sofolk products.

Whatever the size of the stain on your car's leather seats, Sofolk cleaning products will allow you to remove them easily and restore the original shine of your car's interior. In order to facilitate the use of our products, we deliver them with instructions for use so that you can find clean and perfectly protected seats. Indeed, our products guarantee you a very good hold and durability. To protect your leather seats and steering wheel as well as possible, it is advisable to use Sofolk products regularly, whether for cleaning, repair or finishing.In addition to cleaning car leather, Sofolk products moisturise and reinforce the leather's strength. Thanks to our products, you will thus considerably extend the life of the leather in your car seats. You'll regain all the lustre of your interior and enjoy real driving comfort. To make sure you choose your products carefully and use them properly, don't hesitate to follow our advice. Our cleaning products will ensure that your car seats and leather steering wheel are always in perfect condition.

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