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Why Repair Leather Sofa?

The diagnosis is clear, your leather sofa has suffered from scratches, stains, cat scratches, or even cracking. The good news is that this noble material can be easily repaired! Just like leather clothing and shoes, there are restorative products available. They allow you to fill in the tears while preserving the colors.
However, if the hole is too large, you may need to sew up the torn area. A fabric patch could be used to cover the hole.
Repairing a leather sofa (leather in English) is like giving it a second life to perfectly fit into your home. This repair work is akin to craftsmanship, but the results can be astonishing at times.

How to Repair Your Leather Sofa?

You can find many repair products sold in kits, but most of them are of low quality. Our specialized leather restoration website advises you on choosing the items that allow for optimal repair of your leather sofa.

Our Advice Based on Your Sofa's Leather and Repairs Needed

Depending on the repairs needed for your leather, various methods and products for renovating and repairing leather are available to you. On our website, you'll find all the possible techniques for all existing supports.
We invite you to visit sections like leather renovation or the leather repair page, where you'll find the main outlines of these working methods. We also provide specific pages for different types of supports.

Repairing a Torn Leather Sofa

Repairing a tear involves five steps:

  1. Cleaning with light sanding using sandpaper on the tear to be repaired (both inside and outside edges)
  2. Repairing with our leather tear repair kit, perform counter-collage.
  3. Coloring the leather with special attention to the dye used, which should be as close as possible to the original color.
  4. Protecting the leather armchair or sofa with Protective Wax or Silky Varnish
  5. Hydrating the leather with Sofolk's Nourishing Oil

This technique can be applied to any type of leather furniture or accessory: sofa, armchair, clothing, shoes, bag, car seat, etc. It also works for removing cat scratches on leather or repairing a cigarette burn. Below, you'll find a video tutorial demonstrating the actual renovation of a torn car seat.

Is It Possible to Achieve an Invisible Leather Repair?

To achieve an absolutely invisible result, it is highly recommended to perform coloring after repairing a leather sofa using our products.
Ideally, plan to renovate the entire sofa, not just the damaged part; otherwise, the difference in appearance may be visible either in terms of color or finish (varnish). By applying the color to all cushions and seats, you'll achieve a perfect result. See some examples of repaired leather sofas using our products.
Renovating your entire leather armchair or sofa will give you a uniform surface and color. Whether your leather sofa is black, white, or another color, the tear or scratch will no longer be visible.

What Products to Use for Leather Repair?


Allows the repair of a tear up to a maximum of 30cm, for a larger size, ask us.
Any repairs to open tears or holes require the addition of a piece of leather as a support for the paste.
Product detail

The repair process involves several steps: cleaning, repair, coloring, and protection. For each step, there is a suitable product. But beware, depending on the type of leather, some of them will be more or less effective. These cleaning, repair, or protection products are available on our website and for delivery.
Explore our complete range of leather armchair and sofa renovation products: cleaning product, repair kit, repair paste, leather dye, repair gel, adhesive leather patch, color touch-up kit, and more. For a quick leather sofa repair, you can use a repair kit for 2/3-seater leather sofas with recoloration.
If you don't want to repair a leather sofa on your own, seek professional help. Renovating a leather sofa can be delicate depending on the location of the tear and its surface area. The work of a craftsmanship professional promises a successful fabric renovation with invisible stitching.

Can the same products be used to repair a faux leather sofa?

Faux leather sofas are made from chemicals. In case of surface tear or hole, the repair technique and tips will not be the same. Cleaning, coloring, or repair products will also be different.
Articles are available for synthetic coverings like faux leather. A repair kit for vinyl leather sofas is available for sale. In the form of repair paste or patch, these quality products are suitable for faux leather and vinyl.

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