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To preserve the unique aesthetics and quality of your imitation leather lounge, it is important to degrease and stain it, by cleaning it regularly with suitable solutions. With Sofolk's expertise, you can take care of your leatherette sofa in all simplicity, for an impeccable look and at the best price every day.
An efficient cleaning of your imitation leather sofas and armchairs


Cleaner for leather sofa but also letherette, alcantara, fabric, microfibres.
Maximum efficiency, without discolouration of the leather.
Very convenient for cleaning bi-material seats.
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Why clean your imitation leather sofa?

With household pollution and daily rubbing, the surface of your imitation leather sofas inevitably gets dirty. The colour becomes dull and can lead to partial discolouration of the imitation leather, or early wear and tear of the material which cracks or tears. You will then no longer be able to enjoy the incomparable charm of your imitation leather sofa.
This dirt and rubbing is unavoidable over time, and eventually spoils the unique appearance of this central element of your living room. An accelerated degradation which can also occur with the appearance of stains more or less important due to the daily use of your imitation leather sofa. For this reason and to avoid irreparable damage, an adapted and regular cleaning is necessary to remove the dirt from the surface, and thus allow your sofa to keep all its original shine.

Which product should I use to clean a imitation leather or leatherette sofa?

In order to thoroughly clean your imitation leather sofa, it is essential to use a suitable product designed for this specific material, as there is a risk of further damaging the surface when applying it and causing irreversible damage. Indeed, synthetic materials require non-solvent-based stain removers that allow you to degrease your sofa and avoid any unwanted discolouration. But then how do you clean a imitation leather sofa?
Sofolk Stain Remover is a water-based product that is suitable for leather, but also for imitation leather, leatherette, leatherette, alcantara, nubuck or fabric. It is a multi-material product that does not attack the surface of your sofa so that you can clean it in depth with complete peace of mind. In a handy spray format, this cleaner is very easy to use and requires no special skills or knowledge in the care of imitation leather. It removes stains as well as it cleans, and you will recover the incomparable aesthetics of your sofa in just a few moments, with the pleasure of perfectly clean furnishings.

How do you apply Sofolk Stain Remover to your leatherette living room?

Simply spray Sofolk Stain Remover in foam onto the surface of your leatherette sofa and leave it to work for one or two minutes. Then, using a microfibre cloth, wipe the imitation leather with the cleaner to remove impurities. If the surface is very dirty, you can also use a soft brush and make light circular movements before wiping with the cloth. Depending on how dirty your sofa is, it may be necessary to repeat the operation several times to obtain an impeccable finish. In addition, the sprayer has a specific position for spraying the product and correctly cleaning the most stubborn stains. You will find these indications in the instructions for use supplied with our product, for clear and precise steps that will allow you to clean your imitation leather sofa with the assurance of using the right gestures.
In order to preserve the quality and robustness of your imitation leather sofa, it is recommended to clean it two or three times a year, depending on the daily use of your sofa and the more or less important aggressions suffered by the material. Sofolk Stain Remover is also available with a concentrated refill option to refill your sprayer two to four times depending on the quantity ordered. With the advantageous prices of these refills, you are sure to always have a quality cleaner available to regularly maintain your leatherette sofa at an attractive price.
The Sofolk teams are also at your disposal by telephone for any questions you may have about the quantity of Stain Remover needed to thoroughly clean your sofa, or its use for perfect degreasing. Our forum is also open to everyone and allows you to post your questions accompanied by photos of your living room for personalised and precise advice. Finally, you will find on our site many tutorials and customer testimonials to guide you in your imitation leather care, as well as informative pages to better understand this particular synthetic material.

Why choose Sofolk products to clean your leather sofa?

Sofolk has over 30 years of expertise in cleaning leather and imitation leather at your service, developing quality products that are adapted and easy to use. A professional range within everyone's reach to degrease and stain your sofa with optimal results, without leaving your home. You benefit from quality formulas and specialised support at unbeatable prices. A sure way to enjoy clean and well-maintained furniture all year round.
Made in France, and more precisely in Bordeaux, our cleaning products adapted to imitation leather ensure you incomparable know-how and constant quality control. You can be sure of the most effective cleaning without damaging the material, and thus take advantage of top-of-the-range products to take the best possible care of your imitation leather sofa.
In addition, the French manufacture allows us to offer you a fast delivery in one or two working days throughout France. An express and serious service which promises you a certain comfort in the organisation of the cleaning of your imitation leather living room. Once the cleaner has been delivered, you can always count on our teams who remain available to accompany you with rigorous and professional advice on how to use it.
Finally, the quality commitment of our products is recommended by numerous verified customer reviews. The testimonial pages on our site will also help you discover a little more about our Stain Remover and its effectiveness through the personal experience of other customers. Mentioned in several national magazines, Sofolk is the assurance of quality care, developed to meet the needs of a specific material, and which will sublimate your leatherette living room. Your leatherette sofa will never have been so easy to clean!

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