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Renovate all or part of the leather elements of the boat upholstery

You are here directly from a manufacturer of boat leather restoration products. Upholstery, benches, sunbeds, sofas, seats... Whatever the furniture of your boat, its leather covering is fragile and can be damaged much more quickly due to humidity in particular. It is important to obtain quality leather renovation products, in order not to damage your coverings further, but on the contrary to maintain them effectively over the long term.

Sofolk, manufacturer of boat leather restoration products: upholstery, benches, sunbeds, sofas, seats

For more than 30 years, we have been developing professional quality products that we strive to make easy to use. Our expertise covers leather renovation products (repair, cleaning, re-colouring, etc.), but also other materials such as leather or plastic. When you contact Sofolk, you are choosing professional quality.

A range of professional products to enhance the appearance of your boat upholstery

For the restoration of your leather boat upholstery, we have classified our different products by type of use. Would you like to order products to thoroughly clean your leather? Would you like to recolour the leather upholstery of your boat bench? Your leather armchair would need to be protected with an effective product? Discover without delay our range of products for the leather upholstery of your boat.

Leather cleaning

Whether you are regularly on board your boat or not, it is inevitable that your textile furniture will get damaged and dirty over time. While a fabric sofa can be cleaned relatively easily, a leather covering can be more complicated and difficult to clean. Our products for cleaning the leather of your boat benches and other chairs have been designed to clean thoroughly and efficiently, without damaging.

Repair leather

Is your leather torn, damaged, cracked or even perforated? Be aware that it is not necessarily necessary to change your entire boat upholstery, quite the contrary! We offer leather repair products for your boat furniture that are very efficient and easy to use.

Tailor-made leather re-colouring

Give your leather a second life with our range of leather colouring products for your marine upholstery. In a single application, you will regain the initial colour of your leather without having to change the entire covering. Please note that it is also possible to ask us for a custom colour, in order to provide you with a product that perfectly adapts to your leather.

Leather protection

If you want to avoid as much as possible the wear and tear of your leather in the long term, it is essential to protect it with effective products. The leather protection products we offer can effectively and durably protect your marine upholstery.

Leather care

Over time, your leather tends to dry out. This is a natural phenomenon that can be remedied by applying nourishing oils. These allow the hardened leather to be softened and rehydrated to prevent premature wear.

Complete leather kits

Do you want to get efficient products for the leather upholstery of your boat? We offer a complete range of products for the care of your leather upholstery.

Tailor-made leather renovation products

Our experience of more than 30 years in the field of leather restoration has enabled us to process a multitude of different types of leather, both in composition and colour. If our vocation is to offer you quality products that meet your needs, we also want to offer you tailor-made products that are perfectly adapted to your leather. As a result, we are perfectly able to produce 100% custom colours in the colour of your choice. All you have to do is send us a small sample of the expected colour, or use the colour charts we have at your disposal. By doing so, you will be assured of receiving a product that perfectly matches the nature and colour of your leather. The guarantee of an optimal result.

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