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Repair leather sofa

How to repair leather on a sofa or armchair?

Cuts, cat scratches, cracks, peeling leather, open snags, tears or cigarette holes...

Contrary to popular belief, repairing leather is quite feasible! Not only is it possible to repair the leather of a seriously damaged sofa, but it is also very easy to do. Hooks, Cracks, leather wear, cat scratches and many other ailments are easily repaired!

French manufacturer of leather repair products for more than 30 years, we mainly offer 2 products that will allow you to carry out any type of repair. 

Our Sofolk Colourless Leather Healing (CicaCuir), allows you to make very good quality repairs by "welding" the leather edge to edge. The product becomes invisible during drying. Hopefully, if your leather is not too damaged, your repair will be almost invisible and will not need to be recolored.

Below is an example of how to repair a leather sofa using our liquid leather.


exemple réparation accroc cuir
exemple réparation accroc cuir
exemple réparation accroc cuir


If your leather is worn, cracked, torn or punctured and repair with the healing agent seems unlikely, only Sofolk Leather Repair Paste (Repair Leather) will allow you to make a perfect repair. This paste being white or dark grey, you will then be forced to recolour from above for a 100% invisible repair and a look like new!

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
a unique and exclusive Sofolk product
Allows to reposition the raised leather parts without blisters (scratches), glues without leaving traces, and disappears into the grain of the leather.
Repairs a notch or an open snag by welding both edges
To make the tear or cut invisible, continue the operation by applying the repair paste and re-colouring.
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Repairs scratches, cracks, cuts, holes on the leather of your sofa or armchair
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
Allows the repair of a tear up to a maximum of 30cm, for a larger size, ask us.
Any repairs to open tears or holes require the addition of a piece of leather as a support for the paste.
Product detail

  AMEUBLEMENT Leather sofa renovation
To restore the leather of your sofa to its original softness
Can be used especially on leather that has become stiff and dry
Product detail

Why choose Sofolk products to repair your leather sofa?

Sofolk, leather specialist, puts its expertise of more than thirty years at your service to repair your leather sofa. With quality products designed with the same logic as the repaired product, you are sure to get a perfect result. Our products adapt perfectly to all types of leather for the same degree of finish: cow, cowhide, sheep, goat, lamb, pig, and suede. Sofolk products are also made in France for a know-how of incomparable quality, and care that sublimates your leather sofa on a daily basis.

The products we design at Sofolk have also been thought to be very easy to use. We believe that the repair of a leather sofa is within everyone's reach and can perfectly be done from your home. This is why we strive to offer you efficient and simple products to accompany you in the best possible way. Equipped with our Sofolk products, you can take advantage of our skills and restore your leather sofa easily, without the costly intervention of professionals.

In addition to exceptional products, Sofolk is a reliable service that guides you in the repair of your leather sofa. With a hotline, a forum, but also many informative pages and tutorials, we put our expertise at your service to help you give the best care to your sofa. Leather will no longer hold any secrets for you, and you will once again be able to fully enjoy this central piece of your living room.

More than a value, the manufacture of our products in Bordeaux offers you the possibility of a fast delivery everywhere in France. An important detail for us, and most practical for you. Indeed, you organize yourself as you wish to repair your leather sofa scratched, cracked, or perforated, with the assurance of receiving our products as soon as possible. The leather sofa is very comfortable to repair at home, whenever you want.

Recommended by several national magazines, and verified customer reviews, you are sure to be satisfied with our products and Sofolk's expertise. A quality commitment that we take to heart to continually offer you the best possible service in the repair of your leather sofa, with adapted products and a team of professionals at your disposal. You will not regret having trusted us to repair your leather sofa!

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