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Metallic effect decorative paints

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Chrome, or Gold – Make Your Choice!

With our exclusive range of decorative metallic effect paints, breathe new life into your objects and surfaces. Explore four exceptional finishes for a professional and personalized look: aluminum effect, stainless steel effect, gold effect, and chrome effect.

1. Aluminum Effect: Modern Minimalism

The aluminum effect brings a touch of modern minimalism to your projects. Ideal for metallic, plastic, and even wooden surfaces, this paint creates a smooth, silvery finish, reproducing the elegant look of authentic aluminum. Whether renovating furniture or creating contemporary accents, the aluminum effect offers exceptional versatility.

2. Stainless Steel Effect: Refined Industrial Style

Opt for the stainless steel effect for refined industrial style. This paint faithfully reproduces the appearance of real stainless steel, adding a sophisticated dimension to your surfaces. Perfect for metal, plastic, glass, wood, or cardboard objects, it also withstands outdoor conditions, providing durability and elegance.

3. Gold Effect: Luxury and Warmth

Give your projects a touch of luxury with our gold effect paint. Whether enhancing frames, decorative accessories, or furniture, the gold effect creates a warm and glamorous atmosphere. Adaptable to a variety of surfaces, this paint adds visual richness that catches the eye and evokes refinement.

4. Chrome Effect: Shiny and Modern

The chrome effect offers a shiny and modern glow to your creations. Applicable on metals, plastics, glass, wood, and cardboard, this paint creates a smooth and reflective finish that perfectly imitates chrome. Ideal for contemporary projects, it adds a futuristic dimension to your objects, making them shine elegantly.

Exceptional Versatility: Metallic Effect Paint for All Surfaces

What sets our range of decorative paints apart is its exceptional versatility. Designed to adapt to a variety of materials, from metal to plastic, glass, wood, and cardboard, these paints offer unparalleled flexibility. Transform your furniture, accessories, decorative objects, and much more with ease.

Easy Application: Create Without Limits

Applying our decorative metallic effect paints is a breeze. With clear instructions, even beginners can achieve professional results. Whether you prefer a brush, roller, or spray gun, our paint adapts to your preferred method. Unleash your creativity and turn your ideas into reality.

Durability and Resistance: Long-Lasting Results

Our paints are designed to last. Resistant to weather and scratches, they preserve their brilliance over time. Enjoy the beauty of your creations without worrying about daily wear and tear. Whether indoors or outdoors, our metallic effect paints are here to enhance your spaces.

Usage Tips: Maximize Your Creativity

For optimal results, carefully prepare the surface by cleaning it and applying a suitable primer. Apply multiple thin layers to achieve the desired effect. Explore the mix of colors and finishes for even more personalized results. And don't forget to seal your work with a protective varnish for maximum longevity.

Turn Your Ideas into Reality

With our decorative metallic effect paints, every project becomes a work of art. Explore the infinite potential of creativity by transforming your everyday objects into unique pieces. Bring your ideas to life and create an environment that reflects your distinctive style. Transform, embellish, and let your creativity shine with our exceptional range of metallic effect paints.


99.5% pure aluminium, the application of aluminium rims on certain paints may require a after-treatment.
Temperature resistant up to 800°C
Very fast drying and homogeneous mixing ready for use.
Universal use, adheres to all metal surfaces, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic materials.
Product detail


Highly effective decorative effect
Coat with our wheel varnish for wear and weather resistance
Compatible with metal, plastic, glass, wood and cardboard
Product detail


Highly effective glossy decorative effect
Compatible with metal, plastic, glass, wood and cardboard
For indoors and outdoors
Product detail


Highly effective decorative effect
Compatible with metal, plastic, glass, wood and cardboard
For indoors and outdoors
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Examples of Application for Our Decorative Paints with Metallic Effect

Metal Furniture:

Painting metal chairs to protect them from rust and give them a new look. Customizing metal tables with creative patterns for a unique aesthetic.

Plastic Accessories:

Refreshing the appearance of plastic items, such as storage boxes, toys, or photo frames. Customizing plastic pieces to seamlessly integrate them into interior decor.

Glass Objects:

Creating decorations on glass objects such as vases, candle holders, or trays. Personalizing glasses or mirrors with artistic patterns.

Wooden Furniture:

Giving a new life to wooden furniture by painting them with modern colors. Adding hand-painted details to furniture for a handmade look.

Cardboard Packaging:

Using paints to customize cardboard boxes for unique gift packaging. Creating signs or displays from cardboard for special events.

Ceramic Objects:

Customizing ceramic items such as mugs, plates, or flower pots. Adding artistic details to ceramic tiles for a decorative touch.

Outdoor Decorative Elements:

Painting terracotta garden pots to match outdoor decor. Customizing outdoor decorations made of metal, plastic, or wood.

Office Supplies:

Customizing metal or plastic office supplies for a more pleasant work atmosphere. Adding visual markings to metal tools for easy identification.

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