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The leather sofa is brand new and in the course of several awkwardness, it is found with a plethora of spots. In front of the general torpor, you try to clean it somehow. But nothing works. The spots are still there. Worse, they are even encrusted.
Do not panic, at Sofolk, we offer two solutions and a result without embellishment. The first is to clean the sofa with a cleaner-stain remover. And if this solution does not work, you will always have the time to recolor it.

The solution of leather cleaner-stain remover

The first of the solutions that you need is the cleaner-stain remover to remove the tasks of the leather sofa. And at Sofolk, a French manufacturer, present on the market for 25 years, we offer a complete range of quality products. Quality that is more to demonstrate because of a renovation technique that has been proven for over 25 years now both on the quality of its products and in the simplicity of use thereof.

And the cleaner-stain remover is no exception to this trademark. The softener Sofomac brand is performing on leather like the sofa, leather chair and leather car seat. But it also acts on the alcantara (composite fabric), other fabrics such as microfiber and skai (trademark by a German manufacturer). In this regard, the distinction between real leather and faux leather (imitation leather, skai, etc.) is essential for a more effective cleaning solution. In other words, Sofolk also offers products that remove stains on fabric, skai and imitation leather.

The stain remover cleans, detaches and deeply degreases the leather of your sofa, without any discoloration. This product can also be used on a club chair or leather car seat. In addition, this product also has a maintenance property. Indeed, before the renovation of a sofa damaged by cat scratches, it can be used to clean the armrests and the places where the heads rest. Indeed, these are places in which the traces of sebum nestle although they are invisible to the naked eye. To better get rid of dirt well anchored in the leather, the use of a microfiber fabric is the most practical way. In other words, the cleaner-stain remover cleans without leaving marks as well in leather as in other materials (fabric alcantara, skai, imitation leather, etc.).
The softener of the brand Sofolk offers two types of spray: the first in fog and the second in foam. To do this, spray in fog or foam and wait up to 2 minutes for the product to work. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe it off. Do not hesitate to reproduce this action if necessary. When the leather sofa is relatively well encrusted with impurities, rub the leather with circular motions, without insisting too hard either.
On the other hand, the job may not be cleared with the cleaner-stain remover solution. And in this case, the only solution available to you is that of the recoloration.


Leather recolouring

Regardless of the quality and simplicity of use of its quality products, at Sofolk we put forward techniques and solutions within the reach of all. And the recoloration of his leather sofa is fortunately part of it.

At first, what you should know is that the recoloration is never done only on the stained or damaged part of the sofa. Indeed, it is the sofa as a whole that you must recolor in order to obtain a uniform and regular result in the respect of the concordances of the color. By partially recolouring the sofa, despite an identical color, you will always get a mismatched result.

Using a small foam roller and a small tray, simply apply up to three coats of pigment recolourant. Allow about 1 hour of drying between the different layers. If you notice cracks  or cat scratches for example, it is always possible to put some restorative paste. The drying time can be accelerated with the help of a hair dryer. Finishes such as delicate places and small areas can be finished with a brush and a wet sponge. If ever the previous layer adheres, it is because the leather is wet or has been badly cleaned. In this case, you will need to clean the leather again.

Then you need to protect your work with a silky water-based polish 2 days later and 3 weeks later. In fact, the leather varnish enhances the color against successive layers and rubs, reduces clogged residual materials and waterproofs the sofa. This protection work is necessary and must be extended to the most besieged areas. It is at the end of this protective work with varnish that the sofa gets its final color. In the long term, the silky varnish is applied every 6 months.

And to finish and especially to confirm the work of the recolouration, apply up to two layers of nourishing Oil. We are the only ones at Sofolk to recommend this essential application for the renewal of your sofa. Indeed, the nourishing oil restores the flexibility and resistance of yesteryear to your sofa. In fact, the nourishing oil seeps into the fibers of the material to never come out and feed the leather of your sofa. This maintenance after coloring is essential for the vitality of the sofa. The application of nourishing oil must be carried out at least once every quarter to the most requested sessions.

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