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Main reasons why the renovated material can become sticky or sticky

Problem encountered following recolouring

As for any painting work, recolouring with pigmentary recolouring or dyeing must be carried out on a support free of grease, varnish or silicone. For this reason it is imperative to first lightly sand and degrease the leather with acetone, and your leatherette with acetone diluted with 30 to 50% water (or pure methylated spirits).
In some cases, it can happen that despite all your cleaning precautions the problem persists. This phenomenon mainly concerns leather, but not always...

If your material is LEATHER

Leather is porous by nature and can become deeply soiled, even in the inter-fibrillar space. The main cause is the excessive application of unsuitable cleaning products of a greasy or silicone nature. Sebum or perspiration can also be the cause of the problem.
This phenomenon is easy to check. Sticky areas are often located on seats and backrests, but rarely on areas that are difficult to access or on blanks.

How can the problem be solved on LEATHER?

First of all, you will have to degrease your leather again with acetone, in a maximum of 2 times to avoid damaging it. Then you will have to get our sebum cleaner which is a powerful degreaser but less aggressive than acetone. This will allow you to clean your surface many times without damaging it. As this product is composed of water, be careful not to saturate your leather and let it dry naturally, away from any heat source that could harden the fibres.
Then try a recolouring on a small area that was sticky to check that the sticky aspect is neutralised.

If the problem still persists, obtain our primer for greasy leather. This product should be applied in a thin layer with a brush or spray before re-colouring the affected areas. This product is white, however, it is not necessary to try to achieve a uniform colour, the main thing is that a thin coat of primer is applied to the required areas. Once the primer is dry to the touch, you can re-colour with your final shade!

If your material is SKAÏ

The quality and composition of leatherette varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. On the other hand, some skai can benefit from additional surface treatments (fireproof, UV-resistant, etc.). Our leatherette paint is compatible with most imitation leathers, although there are exceptions. For this reason we mention on our bottles to always carry out a compatibility test on a hidden area before starting the recolouring process.

How to solve the problem on SKAÏ?

First of all, you will have to degrease your material again as indicated above. Then, please obtain our skai primer (contact us). This product is to be applied to the areas concerned, before re-colouring. Apply a thin coat with a brush or spray. Once the primer is dry to the touch, it should be lightly sanded with 240 to 400 grit sandpaper, then you can recolour with your final colour!

Problem encountered following the application of a leather or leatherette varnish

As a general rule, whatever varnish is used, it should only be applied on a clean, non-sticky surface. Applying varnish to leather or leatherette that is already sticky will only make the situation worse.

Assuming that the varnish has been applied to a perfectly clean and dry surface : This problem is generally observed on leatherette, and following the application of our solvent-based clear varnish, usually packaged in aerosol cans.
Skai consists of a thin layer of plastic. The composition and quality of leatherette varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Our varnish contains solvents which, depending on the composition of the material, may slightly dissolve the surface of the material. The result is a sticky and more or less sticky feel. Please contact us if you notice this phenomenon.

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