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Waterproofing and stain repellent for leather and fabric

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Ideal for the care of leather and fabrics
Water and oil no longer penetrate. Stains no longer adhere
Duration of action: 6 to 12 months
Based on nanoparticles

Ideal for fabric and leather: sofas, bonnets, car seats, floor mats, etc.

This silica-based nanotechnology product is extremely effective on fabrics, alcantara and all leathers, including suede and nubuck.

Please note that in the SOFOLK leather care protocol, this product must be applied last.


IN YOUR VEHICLE (car, truck, bus, boat etc)

- on surfaces that are likely to be regularly stained or in contact with water.
- on carpets and floor mats
- on bonnets, awnings 


- on the seats of chairs, armchairs and sofas
- on tablecloths, shoes and clothing 
- on curtains, blinds, parasols, awnings


- water and oil repellent and non-stick to water, oil and liquid stains
- lets the fibres breathe
- Effective for 6 to 12 months (depending on the level of abrasion). Permanent if no abrasion.
- Easy to apply
- colourless and odourless
- UV protection
- Resistant to washing (approx. 30 to 40 machine washes)
- High chemical resistance (especially to cleaning agents)



Estimate between 25 and 100ml / m².

This estimate depends mainly on the rate of absoprtion like leather and (especially) fabric.



Shake well before use. Wearing gloves is recommended.

The surface must be clean and dry before application.
Spray evenly onto the surface until saturation. It is very important to thoroughly soak the surface with the product.
For smooth or not very absorbent surfaces such as leather, do not apply too much product, wipe off any excess with a cloth.
Allow to dry before any contact with hands, water or other products.

Other method: by soaking and then drying (do not wring out).

The hydrophobic effect can be tested once the surface is completely dry.

Available in 200 ML, 500 ML.

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