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3 kits to choose from to renovate the leatherette of 1 seat, 2 seats or all the seats in your car
Durable repair, easy re-colouring and maximum protection
No need for a hanging preview or colour fixing
COLOUR: UNLIMITED with many car manufacturer colours available
A renovation that does not require any special skills

To renovate the leatherette of your driver's seat, front seats or all your seats and door trim.

Is the leatherette in your seat worn, cracked, punctured or torn? Has the colour of your leatherette lost its beauty?

We offer you here several leather renovation kits that are particularly easy to use. 

These leatherette renovation boxes include all the products required in sufficient quantity to give a second life to the elements you want to restore: driver's seat, passenger's seat, rear bench seat, steering wheel, door(s) trim, gearshift knob, dashboard, etc.

The products contained in all our kits (see below), will allow you to:

  • repair leatherette (small cracks and fissures )
  • recolour the leatherette (choice of colour)
  • protect your colour and the flower of the leatherette from friction

The application of our products is really easy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems.

COLOR CHOICE: 21 colours are proposed in immediate production without prior dispatch of a colour chart. Depending on the setting of your screen, we draw your attention to the fact that the actual color may be different!

It is also possible to order a CUSTOM COLOUR from a sample of 1cm² to be supplied to us or from the many car manufacturers' colour charts we offer. If you wish to send us a sample, please place your order first and then send us your sample by mail with your order number. Read more here to send a sample.

VARNISH CHOICE: It is the varnish that gives the finish of the colour (satin, matt or gloss). If in doubt, prefer the satin finish which is most widely used in the automotive industry. We also recommend the spray varnish, which is more resistant, easier to apply and dries faster. Recently we have been integrating as an option, a high-performance anti-UV additive. This additional protection will help to keep your colour shine longer, especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

This will show you each step and how to apply each product. Allow half a day of immobilization of your vehicle to carry out its renovation (the longest being the drying times).

The products contained in this kit are neither odorous nor dangerous, so your renovation can be carried out without any problem without removing the seat.

A complete instruction manual in several languages is always provided


this kit includes the following products :

To achieve an optimal renovation, please carefully read the instructions for use of each product, and respect the order of application as well as the drying times.

For light colors or porous materials the quantity provided in the kit may be insufficient. Be sure to not finish part of your renovation without making sure you have enough products.

However, as a precaution, for pigment recolourants made from a sample of material, we keep the details of your color for one month.

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