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Recolouring of citroën cx series 1 door panels

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B onjour,

I would like to have some information on the coloring treatment of a molded door panel covered with imitation foam, boiled cardboard structure (Citroen CX 1974 ->1985). These elements age very badly, and the multiplicity of shades provided at the time means that these panels have now become impossible to find in the right colour when you are lucky enough to find them in a correct state.
I therefore have a car in harmony with the caramel interior, for which I have found a set of panels in correct condition but in dark brown, which I plan to recolour in the right shade.
My questions are as follows:
- will the colouring take place on a darker surface than the desired colour in the end without it being necessary to "load" in thickness at the risk of making the original veining disappear?
- I am considering the use of a solvent kit for leatherette applied with a spray gun, but I see that you also sell a colouring kit for plastics. Which is in my case the most suitable for a good resistance over time (scratch resistance or friction in particular)?
- How should the surface be prepared, I am thinking in particular of the interior coatings maintained with silicone products that pose serious problems of reaction in car bodywork during painting? Is your product sensitive to reactions with silicones?
- how much product should be considered to carry out the operation on the 4 door panels?
Thank you in advance for your answers.





You can re-colour caramel on dark brown, but you will need to apply a coat of grey re-colourant. The leatherette solvent recolouring kit is perfectly adapted to your recolouring. We recommend that you lightly sand the surface to be recoloured to remove any traces of silicone. Provide 500 ml of recolouring agent for the 4 fillings.



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