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Leather spray paint: sofa, car seats

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Very high quality paint with fast drying
Very high scratch resistance. Remarkable adhesion power
21 colours available

High quality paint with fast drying and exceptional resistance to rubbing and scratching (integrated satin varnish)


With this paint you can easily repaint in the selected colour:

  • your leather lounge but also 
  • car seats
  • shoes
  • handbags
  • jackets

This car and furniture leather stain has a strong hold and covers damaged areas well.

Unlike our recolourant supplied in a bottle, this paint has a satin varnish that will protect your recolouring for at least 6 months!

A light sanding (240 grit sandpaper) followed by a degreasing with acetone is necessary to promote adhesion.
The aerosol diffuses a constant stream after only a few seconds of agitation. 

COLOUR CHOICE: The 21 standard colours of our colour chart are currently available. Very soon we will be able to offer custom colours (from a sample).
Before making your choice of colour, we strongly advise you to order our paper colour chart first.

1 aerosol can = 1.5m² of surface to be recoloured (1 small chair)

Note that light tones do not cover well, it is necessary to apply at least 2 additional coats.

Caution for use :
Always test the compatibility of the product on a small hidden area before applying.
To check, after 2 hours the product should be dry to the touch and should adhere well.

Available in AEROSOL 400ML (WHITE), SPRAY 400ML, SPRAY 400ML X2, SPRAY 400ML X3.

this kit includes the following products :

To achieve an optimal renovation, please carefully read the instructions for use of each product, and respect the order of application as well as the drying times.

For light colors or porous materials the quantity provided in the kit may be insufficient. Be sure to not finish part of your renovation without making sure you have enough products.

However, as a precaution, for pigment recolourants made from a sample of material, we keep the details of your color for one month.

      | 19/09/2016
Great product very easy to use We had 2 old club chairs and after taking information by such, we started out and dyed the leather green color black. perfect result, our chairs have a new look. Thank you for your advice and products
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