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Leather spray paint for car seats, steering wheels, etc.


Leather / Leatherette Paint with Integrated Satin Varnish Spray - SOFOLK

Suitable for
  • Boat
  • Saddlery
  • Leather goods
  • Jacket
  • Shoes and Footwear
  • Sofa
  • Car
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Very high quality leather paint with fast drying
Very high scratch resistance. Remarkable adhesion power
Integrated satin varnish
Compatible with leather, leatherette and PVC
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 34,99per unit
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High-quality automotive leather paint with fast drying and exceptional resistance to rubbing and scratching (integrated satin varnish)


New 2 in 1 paint that will save you time and the purchase of the varnish since it is integrated. You will be able to recolour the leather parts of your car: seats, bench, door trims, etc.

This car leather dye has a strong adhesion and covers the damaged areas well.

Unlike our paint in a bottle, this paint has an integrated satin varnish that will protect your recolouring for at least 6 months!

A light sanding (240 grit sandpaper) followed by a quick degreasing with acetone is necessary to promote adhesion.
The spray can delivers a constant stream after only a few seconds of agitation. 

- 22 standard colours available immediately
- Car manufacturers' colour charts: select your colour from those we offer
- SOFOLK colour chart : ask for our colour chart or order it here first
- On sample : send a sample so that we can reproduce your colour
More information on how to choose your colour here

Note that light tones are by nature not very covering, it is necessary to apply at least 2 additional layers.

Caution for use :
Always stir the aerosol well before use.
Test the colour and compatibility of the product on a small hidden area before you start.
The final colour only appears after a minimum of 3 coats (or more for very light colours).
To check compatibility, after 2 hours after application, the product must be dry to the touch and must adhere perfectly.
If you plan to use this product in conjunction with our Pigment Dye, it is imperative that you apply our leather spray paint last as it contains a Varnish.

What products should I use to maintain the colour and care of my leather (or leatherette)?

If you want to keep the brightness of your colour it is necessary to maintain your leather. We recommend applying two coats of our Silky Varnish at least 6 months after your renovation.
To keep your leather supple and prevent cracking, we recommend applying our Nourishing Oil once or twice a year.

Available in SPRAY 400ML, SPRAY 400ML X2, SPRAY 400ML X3.

this kit includes the following products :

To achieve an optimal renovation, please carefully read the instructions for use of each product, and respect the order of application as well as the drying times.

For light colors or porous materials the quantity provided in the kit may be insufficient. Be sure to not finish part of your renovation without making sure you have enough products.

However, as a precaution, for pigment recolourants made from a sample of material, we keep the details of your color for one month.

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