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Adhesion mediator between greasy leather and our pigmentary recolourant (bottle version).
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In the presence of greasy leather on the surface, our pigmentary recolouring will not be able to set properly. The result will be a painting sensation that does not dry, that more or less sticks.

Despite careful cleaning of the leather with acetone and our sebum cleaner or our leather cleaner, in some cases this may not be sufficient. If the leather is not regularly cleaned properly, or if it is maintained with unsuitable greasy products, a saturation of fat that is very difficult to remove may occur.

This primer for greasy leather is used when this is the case. It is also advisable to use it preventively in the presence of dark stains or halos that are generally found on the nape of the neck, backrests or armrests.

COLOUR CHOICE: For a light final colour, prefer WHITE. For a red or dark colour, prefer BLACK.

APPLICATION: Treat only areas that are sticky or at risk (neck area, backrest or armrests). Apply with a solvent-resistant foam or microfibre roller.

YIELD: 125ml = approx. 1m² in two coats.


In preventive use of the product :
Do not sand the areas to be treated. Spread the product with a cloth or sponge in a maximum of 2 thin coats on the areas concerned.
Allow each coat to dry beforehand (approximately 1 hour). It is useless to try to obtain a homogeneous colour since this product will then be covered with recolouring. 
Sand lightly with 240 to 400 grit sandpaper and then clean off any residue.
Then apply the pigmentary recolourant following the instructions provided in the instructions for use.

Use following a renovation
In the case of sticky leather after a complete re-colouring already carried out, remove as much of the re-colouring as possible with acetone and follow the instructions above.

Available in 125 ML, SPRAY 400ML.

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