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Repair of a torn stressless chair (red color)

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My 3-seater Stressless sofa in the colour "Burgundy" is torn at one of the side seats.

I would like to repair it and order the necessary kits and parts for it.

Could you advise me?





your sofa can be repaired on the same principle as the repair of a car seat that we have demonstrated in this leather renovation tutorial.

Given the current damage, however, it will be difficult to obtain a completely invisible repair...

What changes compared to our tutorial is the size of the leather piece. In your case the tear is in the seat area. This is subject to significant pressure and stretching. It is then more than advisable to slip a relatively large piece of reinforcing leather so that the pulls are spread over a large area. You will need at least 4 tubes of leather repair pasta.

We also notice that the tear is in the seam. It would be wise to stitch also (if possible). Even if the seam is not aesthetically perfect, you can hide it with the repair paste by covering it.

Once the repair of the leather tear has been completed, you will have to recolour in order to obtain an invisible repair. If you want a nice homogeneous result, the recoloration must be done on the whole sofa, not just on the repair. You will need 1L of pigment re-colouring agent, 200ml of satin varnish and finally 200ml of edible oil. In order to obtain a better price, we recommend that you order a complete leather sofa renovation kit, then add additional repair paste and the leather piece to it.


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