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Cleaning leather sofas


A noble material par excellence, leather requires the utmost care through special precautions, including proper and regular maintenance.

The rigorous application of a leather nourithing oil associated with a leather varnish or leather protective wax will allow it to have a longer life. Very appreciated for its elegant aesthetics and for its robustness, the leather is an expensive material which it is imperative to look after regularly.

What steps should be taken to clean the leather properly and maintain its appearance and flexibility and what actions to take if one or more tasks are detected without damaging it?

Accurate identification of tasks to better treat them

A leather sofa is subject to various daily aggressions that are not without consequences on its general condition. One of the keys to keeping your leather sofa as long as possible, will be to be able to identify as soon as possible the nature of the tasks it contains in order to apply the products best suited to their treatment. It can thus be simple stains, greasy stains, perspiration (sebum). Other forms of tasks on the leather may also appear as a depigmentation or pigmentation that will be the result of a trace of pencil or felt for example. It is important to know that for each type of traces there is a specific treatment as soon as the task is taken into account sufficiently quickly. As soon as a task is located on the sofa, the first reflex will be to apply a soft cloth on it to prevent penetration inside the leather. If despite several passes, the task does not disappear, it will be necessary to use some specialized products for leather care. In any case, it is strongly discouraged to use a dust aerosol on this type of material.

What products to use to clean leather?

Whether it's simple stains, sebum marks or greasy stains, they can be effectively removed with Soflok leather stain remover. It is a completely colorless, odorless and antibacterial product with proven efficacy. In addition, the latter is a particularly powerful degreaser. For the treatment of a material as precious and delicate as leather, it is undoubtedly one of the most suitable products and does not present any risk of discoloration. In any case, after the application of such a product, if the tasks remain on the leather of the sofa, they can not leave by any other means and the only possible alternative offered by the owner of the latter will be a complete recolorization of the sofa to give it a perfect homogeneity of color.

Other methods for cleaning a leather sofa with tasks, apart from the Soflok stain remover, will depend directly on the type of tasks involved. Each of these actions will have the advantage of preserving intact the visual aspect of the sofa and the integrity of its leather. For an alcoholic beverage task, the passage of a cloth moistened with water and decorated with a few drops of alcohol at 90 ° C or white vinegar should suffice. In addition to soflok stain remover, to clean leather of any trace of sebum, located mostly on the backs and armrests, a dusting of talc is another option. After having allowed the latter to act for several hours, it will brush the area concerned with a soft brush and repeat the operation as many times as necessary until the complete disappearance of the task. For the particular case of burn marks on the sofa leather, everything will depend on the severity of the latter. If these are only superficial, delicately rubbing a pumice stone over the area will help to mitigate them. After this step, a cloth soaked in oil should be buffered at the location of the burn and the operation will be completed by a recoloration of the sofa and not the application of tinted polish that does not last long. For greasy tasks, it is imperative to avoid applying water and soap but rather to favor the use of talc and brushing the leather at the end. For some particularly stubborn tasks such as painting, the owner of the sofa can use a cloth soaked in turpentine. Once done, it will feed the leather to restore its brilliance.

The recoloration of the leather of his sofa: An idea to consider

Each type of task corresponds to a corresponding technique in the context of the maintenance of its leather sofa. In any case, it will be strictly forbidden to use any type of detergent or damage to it irreparably. Also, care should be taken never to rub leather with the abrasive side of a sponge or with a hard brush. Depending on the condition of the leather of the sofa, the recoloration may be one of the only options to maintain its aestheticism and offer a brilliant color, especially if it begins to show a pale and worn. The recolouring of his leather sofa is an operation that can be superficial or in the mass at depth. Contrary to popular belief, recolor a couch is easy and accessible to all! For this we invite you to consult our tutorial for the restoration of a leather sofa. The coloring is also a very good opportunity to repair the possible defects of the leather of his sofa, whether it is cracks, scratches, etc ... In addition, changing the color of the leather will also be a convenient and effective to modernize the sofa while increasing its life.

Leather is a material whose regular care will ensure its durability as long as you know what products to use and how to handle all categories of tasks that may appear on the latter.

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  furnishing Leather sofa renovation
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