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* 37,99€
Qté :

To paint and protect small depigmented and slightly worn areas

Requires neither primer nor colour fixator
Complete operating instructions delivered with the products
A renovation that requires no special skills

You want to re-colour only one part of your leatherette sofa ? 

This kit allow you to colour and protect all or part of a sofa, chair, armchair...

Surfaces wear out over time and fade, causing the leather to lose its suppleness and crack faster and faster. This kit is perfectly suited for re-colouring discoloured, worn, cracked, and scratched surfaces. With this partial (or complete) touch-up kit, refreshing or coloring a sofa is very easy.

COLOR CHOICE : 21 colors are available in immediate order. Depending on the setting of your screen, we draw your attention to the fact that the real color may be different. 
In case of a touch-up, it is essential to order a custom-made tint from a 1cm² sample to provide us. If you would like to send us a sample, please place your order first and send us your sample by regular mail with the number of your order.    

WARNING: We draw your attention that a real renovation is in principle a complete recolouring of the leatherette. Otherwise, it is likely that a slight difference will appear between renovated and untouched leatherette.

this kit includes the following products

To achieve an optimal renovation, carefully read the instructions for use of each product, and respect the order of application and the drying times.

For light colors or porous materials it is possible that the quantity provided in the kit is insufficient. Do not finish part of your renovation without being sure to have enough products. However, as a precaution, for pigment recolourants made from a sample, we keep your color for one month.

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