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Renovation tutorial nubuck sofa

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There are two ways to renovate a nubuck sofa or armchair:

  1. keep the velvety and tinted appearance by spraying a dye. This type of renovation is only done when the living room is not too smooth and especially not stained.
  2. transform the nubuck into smooth leather, then re-colour it. Basically, nubuck is a smooth sanded leather. By transforming it into smooth leather, it is restored to its pre-sanding appearance. This type of renovation makes it possible to rebuild a stained and smoothed nubuck living room.


  1. With a sandpaper (coarse grains), restore velvety to smoothed areas
  2. Clean the head sites first with Sebum Cleanser, several times over several days, unless there is no halo(s), in which case one time is sufficient.
  3. Spray the Stain Remover Cleaner on the seats, armrests and backrests. Wait a few tens of seconds and wipe with a microfibre cloth. On stains, spray with foam (option available on the sprayer). Brush, wait 3 minutes and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the operation if necessary.
  4. Wait until the leather is dry and spray the stain with a spray gun (nozzle 0.8 or 1 mm), in two or three coats.
  5. Apply a good coat of Fixative with a spray gun to prevent the dye from disgorging.
  6. In the end, apply the Waterproofing agent with a damp sponge.

RENOVATION OF A NUBUCK LIVING ROOM with Smooth leather transformation.

  1. Clean the head sites first with Sebum Cleanser, several times over several days, unless there is no halo(s), in which case one time is sufficient.
  2. Clean seats, armrests and backrests with Stain Remover Cleaner.
  3. Repair cracks, fissures, etc. with the repair paste if necessary. (Operation on nubuck)
  4. Apply two coats of Colourless Filler Resin with the foam roller.
  5. Wait 2 hours before applying the Pigment Colouring Agent with the same roller (water cleaning)
  6. Wait 48 hours and apply a good layer of Nourishing Oil.
  7. Let the oil penetrate the leather, and apply a coat of Silk Varnish

We invite you to ask your questions by clicking on the'Answer' button. You can also enrich our explanations with your different experiences and also submit your renovation photos.




I would like to change the colour of my living room from dark brown to light grey if possible or dark grey
I would like to know if this operation is feasible and if so how do I proceed?
in advance thank you for your answer


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