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Reproduces the grain imprint of the material to be recoloured with leather repair paste

Paste for taking and transfer the leather's grain 

In the case of a tear requiring a good dose of repair paste for leather / leatherette, this two-component paste will allow you to reproduce the grain on the repair paste. Invisible repair guaranteed!


  • Stir the 2 pasta for several minutes until a uniform colour is obtained.
  • Place the ball at the selected location to take the print. 
  • Press firmly while shaping the pellet so that it can be easily removed, do not touch it until it is dry.
  • Wait 5 hours for the print to become hard.
  • Gently peel off the small block of paste, you now have your print, all that remains is to repair with the repair paste.
  • Apply the repair paste in thin layers until the surface of the leather is levelled, sand lightly after drying until the paste is dry to apply a new thin layer, this layer will receive the impression.
  • Wait between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the temperature and press hard to transfer the print, gently remove the small block of dough and let the repair paste dry for 2 hours before staining.

Tips & Advice : If the repair paste has remained completely stuck to the print, reapply a layer of paste and repeat the operation by adding 5 minutes to the drying time and passing the paste under water to be able to use it again. 

If the repair paste is too hard, sand to level, reapply a layer of paste and reduce the drying time

Available in 10 GR.

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