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Converts nubuck into smooth leather for repair if necessary, re-colouring and protecting it


Nubuck is a smooth leather that has been sanded. The result is a leather with a very pleasant velvety feel.
When the nubuck is damaged or permanently stained the only solution will be to repair and recolour it. However, the velvety texture of nubuck does not allow the application of repair and re-colouring products. 
It is then necessary to apply a filling resin that will give it a permanent smooth touch, and allow the application of different products to proceed to the renovation.
1. Degrease the leather with a microfibre cloth soaked in Sofolk Stain Remover Cleaner (perform this operation with protective gloves), do not forget to insist on the location of the gentleman's head (mainly for sofas or chairs). 
2. Apply a layer of filling resin with a foam roller over the entire surface to be recoloured. 
3. Fill (if necessary), cracks and crevices with the repair paste. 
4. Apply several coats of Leather Pigment Dye with a foam roller, brush, sponge or spray gun (1 mm nozzle) until the surface loses its "velvet touch". 

Caution: You may need to apply an additional coat of pigment recolouring agent 10 days later. For this reason over the varnish. You will then have to recoat a coat of varnish to protect this last coat of Leather Pigment Dye.
5. Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying of these leather parts (warm air at the beginning and then cold air finish). Do not put two surfaces that have just been recoloured in contact before they are dry.
6. Wait 72 hours before applying a coat of food oil to the backs, seats and armrests and then apply a first coat of Silky Varnish after the nourishing oil has infiltrated.
Repeat the oil and varnish operation 1 month later and then a third time after another month.
Conseil : pour obtenir un cuir lisse au touché, poncez l'avant dernière couche de recolorant, lorsque le cuir est bien sec. 
this kit includes the following products

To achieve an optimal renovation, carefully read the instructions for use of each product, and respect the order of application and the drying times.

For light colors or porous materials it is possible that the quantity provided in the kit is insufficient. Do not finish part of your renovation without being sure to have enough products. However, as a precaution, for pigment recolourants made from a sample, we keep your color for one month.

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